Days of Our Lives 06-21-21 Recap 21st June 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 06-21-21 Recap 21st June 2021

Days of Our Lives 06-21-21,

Chloe told Philip she was staying with him until her arm healed. He told her he set up a video chat with Parker when he got out of camp. She was excited. Brady showed up to talk to Chloe. He wanted to talk about Basic Black with her. He didn’t want to talk in front of Philip. When Philip left, Brady told her Nicole hired Xander.

Nicole told Xander that he was out of a job if Sami found out they slept together. He said it was better to get her over a barrel if they had something over you. He said Sami most likely did something. Nicole said she got away with murder and it wouldn’t be the first time. He said it was too bad she didn’t cheat on her husband.

Days of Our Lives 06-21-21 Recap 21st June 2021

Sami and Lucas struggle to keep their secret from EJ. Xander advises Nicole find leverage over Sami. Kate tortures an unwitting Jake. Philip makes Chloe a surprising offer.

Sami told EJ she was concerned about Lucas living at the DiMera mansion because of him. EJ said he was okay with Lucas living at the mansion because she and Lucas were over years ago. Kate wanted to have sex with Jake. He offered to take care of her in another way, but she still wanted to have sex with him. He told her it wasn’t a good idea. She asked if it was about Gabi.

Jake asked Kate why she thought it was about Gabi. Kate said he slept with Gabi when he thought she broke up with him. She said she was blind and in his way. He said what he and Gabi shared was in the past. He said he was there because he wanted to be with her. She said she wanted to be with him in every way. She said she loved him and he showed how he felt about her. She said he could tell her he loved her.

Chad told Gabi that Jake wouldn’t have sex with Kate. Chad said they were going to be under the same roof. She said she could get another room. He said there wouldn’t be any room with EJ and Sami living there. Sami told EJ she didn’t want Lucas to live with them because they didn’t always get along. EJ said Lucas could be rude, but he wanted to be with Kate. EJ said he was okay with Lucas living there.

Xander told Nicole that Sami might have cheated on EJ. Nicole said Sami cheated before. She said Sami cheated on Rafe with EJ and she cheated with Rafe while he was with Hope. She said Rafe wasn’t Sami’s only ex-husband. She said Lucas was too, but that was over. Xander said it might not be. He said when he caught them together, there seemed to be tension between them. 

Chloe asked how NIcole was able to hire Xander. Brady said he owed her one. She asked if Nicole said why she hired Xander. He said she did it because they weren’t around. He said he thought something was going on. He thought Xander strong armed her. He said he wanted to know why he would do it.

Xander asked Nicole if it was hard to believe that Sami and Lucas could have slept together. Nicole thought it was possible. He was determined to believe that they slept together. She wanted to know why he felt that they definitely slept together. He said it was something about the DiMera basement.

Lucas told Sami and EJ that he was going to stay above the pub. He said when you’re a Brady, you are in for life. Gabi asked Chad how he thought he could move into the mansion without her permission. EJ walked in and said it was his home before it was hers. Kate asked Jake if he loved her. He said he wanted her to get some rest. She said she loved how he took care of her. She said she was with a man she could trust. She said it meant a lot to her that he would be with her even if she was blind for the rest of her life. She wanted him to hold her. She said she wanted to feel close to him.

Gabi told EJ that he hasn’t lived in the mansion for a while so it was her house. He apologized and told her that they always got along. She was willing to let him stay in the mansion since she didn’t hate him. Lucas told Sami that EJ made her feel uncomfortable. She said she was glad he didn’t take EJ up on his offer to stay. She said she wanted to save her marriage. He said she wasn’t saying that when they were making love. They argued over her making her marriage work. Lucas wanted to check on Kate. He said he was better for her than EJ before he left.

Xander was convinced Lucas and Sami had sex. He told her about other people who had sex in the basement. Nicole thought it was possible that they could have had sex. Sami thought about her and Lucas being together in the basement. Gabi interrupted her thoughts. She asked if she was excited about living in the mansion. Gabi thanked her for helping her with the Nick situation. She said she could talk to her. Sami thanked her. She said she wanted to focus on her and EJ. She said it was a lot of distractions in Salem. They talked about Jake. Gabi said Jake loved her and not Kate. She said Jake was supposed to be with her, but Kate settled for being blind.

Lucas showed up while Jake and Kate were together. Lucas wanted to see how she was. She said Jake was taking care of her. Lucas said a lot of people wanted to take care of her. He brought up Lucas and Sami moving back to the mansion. EJ asked Chad if he was going to take him up on his offer about the company.

Nicole told Xander that she would love for Sami and Lucas to have had an affair, but she didn’t think they did. EJ told Chad that he needed his help getting rid of Jake. Sami walked in and wanted to know what they were talking about. EJ lied about what they were talking about. Jake told Gabi that Kate wanted to have sex with him. Gabi told him he had to move out of her room. He said he turned Kate down. He said he was worried about EJ being in town.

Jake asked Gabi why he couldn’t take Sami home. Gabi said he seemed paranoid for someone who hasn’t met EJ. Jake said EJ was ruthless when it came to business. He asked what would happen if he was trying to get the business back. EJ assured Sami that they were going to have happy times. He said he wanted to be worthy of her love.

Days of Our Lives 06-21-21 Recap 21st June 2021.


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