Days of Our Lives 06-30-21 Recap 30th June 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 06-30-21 Recap 30th June 2021

Days of Our Lives 06-30-21,

Abe talked to Marlena about dating Paulina. Marlena was shocked that they were together. Lani walked up on Paulina telling someone that Abe couldn’t know about her plans. Lani wanted to know what she was keeping from her father. Paulina tried to change the subject, but Lani wanted to know what she was talking about. Shawn gave Brady Kristen’s things. She had a picture of Rachel and Chloe. Philip tried to talk Chloe into being with him.

Days of Our Lives 06-30-21 Recap 30th June 2021

Tempers flare between EJ and Chad. Kate drops a bomb on Gabi and Jake. Kristen pens a revealing letter. Ava helps Nicole get closer to the truth.

Brady asked Shawn if Kristen hated Chloe. Shawn said it looked that way. Brady couldn’t believe he didn’t see it. Shawn said he would hate to think what Kristen would have done to Chloe if Jan didn’t steal the car. Brady asked if he thought Kristen would have killed her. Shawn asked if he thought Kristen would have killed her. Brady said that Kristen wasn’t the one he fell in love with. Shawn said Kristen tried to kill people. Brady said she did it because of him. He said Kristen wasn’t that far off because he had feelings for Chloe. He said he didn’t know if he and Chloe would get past what Kristen did. He said Philip was trying to go after Chloe.

Chloe didn’t want Philip to put her in a box. He told her they should get together. When he asked her about them being together, Belle showed up. Philip left to get food from Julie’s. Marlena told Abe that she knew Paulina while she was in school with Tamara. They talked about Paulina’s project. He said they started working together and then started dating. Marlena said she was wondering how Tamara was going to take to him dating her sister. Paulina said she cared about Abe. Lani told her about lying to Eli. She said she didn’t want Paulina to do the same to Abe. Paulina said she didn’t want to hurt Abe. Lani wanted her to tell her the truth. Paulina said she would.

Abe told Marlena that he didn’t think Tamara knew they were dating. He thought Lani would tell her. He said he and Paulina didn’t keep secrets from each other. Marlena said she knew Tamara and she never kept secrets from him. Paulina told Lani that her secret wasn’t easy. She said she was seeing someone in Miami while she was seeing Abe. Lani said she lied about why she left. Paulina said it was just Abe now. Lani said she wasn’t two-timing Abe because they just started dating. Paulina said she was right. Lani wanted to know what Paulina was talking about when she said she couldn’t tell Abe about it. 

Chloe talked to Belle about Philip being a good friend. Belle said he asked her to sell him to her. Chloe said he has been good to her. Belle asked what was holding her back. Chloe said her feelings for Brady. Shawn and Brady were talking about Philip and how he was going after Chloe. While they were talking, Philip showed up. Philip asked if Shawn was still threatened by him. 

Shawn told Philip that he was trying to keep Chloe trapped in the crypt. He said he was doing to Brady what he did to him and Belle. Chloe talked to Belle about Brady. Chloe said he fell in love with Kristen. She said Kristen was Rachel’s mother. She said there were still feelings there. They ended up talking about Philip and how he always treated her. Marlena suggested that Abe tell Tamara that he was dating Paulina. She thought it would help 

Philip told Brady about him trying to keep him from Chloe. Brady told him he wasn’t any good for Kristen. Philip said he knew who he wanted. Brady said he knew who he wanted. Philip said if Kristen came back now, he would rush to be with her. Brady said he saw the light about Kristen. Philip didn’t believe him. Belle tried to convince Chloe into being with Philip.

Days of Our Lives 06-30-21 Recap 30th June 2021.


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