Days of Our Lives 07-30-21 Recap 30th July 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 07-30-21 Recap 30th July 2021

Days of Our Lives 07-30-21,

Ben told Claire that he had to do something to stop Ciara from marrying Theo. He didn’t want to talk about it to Claire because she would go to prison for aiding and abetting. She said she wasn’t going to say anything. She wanted to help him stop Ciara from marrying Theo. Ben said Allie told him that Ciara was starting to remember him. Claire wanted to stop Ciara from marrying Theo for Theo’s sake.

Shawn told Ciara that the wedding was cursed. He said Belle couldn’t make it to the wedding. Ciara said she was still marrying Theo. Belle and EJ talked about Sami stabbing Nicole in the back. EJ said Xander was the one who exposed Nicole. Belle said Sami was a conniver and she was the one who did that to her. 

Days of Our Lives 07-30-21 Recap 30th July 2021

Lucas makes an admission to Sami. To help his brother, Philip takes matters into his own hands. Ben, Allie, and Claire team up to stop Ciara from making a big mistake.Nicole gets revenge.

The next episode will be on Monday, August 9th. From July 23, the Olympic Games will be broadcast instead of “Days of our Lives”.

Lucas confronted Sami about what she did to Nicole. Sami said she didn’t do anything except help Eric get out of a lousy marriage. Lucas said she ruined the party. Sami said she didn’t do anything. Lucas said they both knew what she did. He said she broke up Nicole’s marriage when she did the same thing Nicole did. He asked her what would happen if someone did the same thing to her. He said she couldn’t act like it didn’t happen. He said he almost did the same thing and told EJ.

Philip gave Nicole the letter Kristen wrote to EJ. Philip wanted to give her a chance to get back at Sami. Nicole read the letter. She read that Sami cheated on EJ. Philip told her she had the goods on Sami. Nicole read that Sami slept with Lucas. She said Kristen found out about it. She wanted to know what Philip got out of it. Philip said Lucas fell in love with Sami. Nicole asked why he didn’t give the letter to Lucas. Philip said he didn’t want to do that. She asked if that was where she stepped in. He said she could do what she wanted with the letter. 

EJ told Belle that Sami was trying to protect Eric. Belle said Sami didn’t give a second thought about what last night would do to Eric. She said Sami’s purpose in life was to terrorize her. She said Sami got Jan out of a mental institution to go against her. She said Jan tried to kill her daughter. EJ wanted to get back to business. Belle couldn’t believe he couldn’t see the way Sami was. 

Ciara wanted to know where Allie was. When Allie showed up, Ciara didn’t want her to bring up Ben. She told Shawn that Allie was trying to get her to go down memory lane. She said she didn’t want to hear any of it. Ben told Claire the plan on how he was going to kidnap Ciara. Claire thought it was a dangerous idea. She said there might be something else they could do. He agreed that there might be.

Lucas told Sami he loved her. She told him not to do this because she was with EJ. Lucas said he loved her which was why he didn’t tell EJ the truth. He said he didn’t understand why she loved EJ so much after the way he treated her. He said he wouldn’t tell the secret because he loved her. She thanked him for being willing to keep the secret. She said she was sorry for dragging him into this. He said he wasn’t because he loved her. 

Nicole went to see EJ. He didn’t want to hear what she had to say. He said he didn’t want to hear what she had to say about Sami. He said it was her own fault that she was exposed. Nicole asked him what he thought about what Sami did. She asked if he thought it was okay for Sami to play God with someone else’s life. He said it wasn’t Sami’s fault that Xander wanted to brag about his conquest. Nicole told him his sister wrote him a letter. 

EJ wanted to know where Nicole got the letter. She didn’t say. He read the letter. He asked if she read the letter. She said she read it. She said he was able to read about her in the privacy of his office as opposed to the way her husband found out about her affair. She said he found out that Sami was no different from her. 

Ben called Allie to ask for her help to stop the wedding. Allie agreed to help him. She said after talking to Ciara, she was determined to stop the wedding. When she got off the phone, Ciara wanted to know who she was talking to. She said she was talking to the babysitter. She said she had to go, but would be right back. Claire told Ben people were going to look for Ciara if she didn’t show up at the church. She said no one was going to believe that she wouldn’t marry Theo. Ben realized she was right. She said no one would notice if she was at the altar. He didn’t know what she was talking about. 

Lucas told Sami that he would always be there for her. EJ told Nicole that she did what she wanted to do. He wanted her to leave. She said her work was done. She told him it had to hurt knowing that it was Lucas. She said he underestimated his assets. When Nicole left, EJ knocked everything off his desk. He called someone to get Kristen’s number.

Philip told Lucas he had a confession to make. Nicole said Sami destroyed her marriage. She wanted to see how Sami would like it. EJ went to see Sami. She wanted to know why he was home early. He said he wanted to be with his faithful wife. When Ciara was on her way to the church, Ben was the one driving the limo. He told her they weren’t going to the church.

Days of Our Lives 07-30-21 Recap 30th July 2021.


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