Days of Our Lives 08-09-21 Recap 9th August 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 08-09-21 Recap 9th August 2021

Days of Our Lives 08-09-21,

Claire turned out to be the one dressed in the wedding gown. Theo wanted to know what was going on. She said she was giving Ciara and Ben time to be alone together. Ciara told the driver of the limo that he was going the wrong way. The driver turned out to be Ben. He told her she wasn’t going to the church. She demanded that he take her to the church. He said she wasn’t going to the church. 

Days of Our Lives 08-09-21 Recap 9th August 2021

Ben takes Ciara to a place with special meaning for them. Allie and Claire are in deep trouble for helping Ben. EJ confronts Sami with Kristen’s letter. Nicole opens up to Rafe. Ben takes Ciara to a place with special meaning for them. Allie and Claire are in deep trouble for helping Ben. EJ confronts Sami with Kristen’s letter. Nicole opens up to Rafe.

Nicole told Rafe that she was getting a divorce. She told him that she cheated on Eric. Philip told Lucas that he gave Nicole Kristen’s letter. Lucas was upset and wanted to get the letter back. Philip said it was too late. EJ confronted Sami about her cheating on him. She said Nicole was lying about her. She said Nicole wanted to ruin her marriage the way she ruined her own. He said she cheated on him. She reminded him of what she did for him when he was sick. While they were talking, she admitted to sleeping with Lucas. She told him she slept with Lucas while Kristen held them captive. EJ asked if that was the only time. She said it only happened once. She said they could get past it. She said she loved him. She asked if they could get past it. He said they could have if she told him the truth. She said she did tell the truth. He said not according to a letter he received. Sami wanted to know who sent the letter. He said Kristen. 

Lucas told Philip the letter was going to destroy the letter. He said Sami was going to get mad. Philip said she wouldn’t be mad at him. Lucas said it was his fault. He said he should have let the letter burn. He wanted to go to Nicole and get the letter. Philip said he was trying to help. Lucas told him not to help him Ciara told Ben to take her back to the church. Shawn asked Claire where Ciara was. Claire said she couldn’t tell him. When Theo tried to call Ciara, Allie had Ciara’s phone. He asked if she was in on it. She said she was doing it for Theo too. She said he didn’t want to marry Ciara when she was in love with Ben. Theo said it was his business. Lani told Claire and Allie they were aiding and abetting a kidnapping. She said they would be arrested if they didn’t say where Ciara and Ben were.

Claire asked Shawn if he wanted Ciara to be happy. Theo said Ciara was happy with him. Allie said they wouldn’t have done this if she were happy. Theo asked if they thought she was happy now. Claire said Ciara would be happy after Ben was finished with her. Theo wanted to know what that meant. Ben took Ciara to the cabin. 

Lucas went to see Nicole while she was talking to Rafe. Lucas said he wanted to talk to her for a second. Lucas asked for Kristen’s letter. He said she couldn’t show EJ the letter. She said she already gave it to him. EJ took out Kristen’s letter. Sami wanted to know what it was. He said she took the phone out of his hand when she was talking to him. He asked if she remembered Kristen sending him a letter. He said Kristen sent the letter. He read her some of the letter.  He read that Kristen caught Sami and Lucas together at John and Marlena’s place. 

Sami told EJ that Kristen was crazy. He said she was lying. He said she had plenty of times to tell him the truth. He ripped into her for lying to him. He told her that she told him the biggest lie before they made love. He said she told him her body and soul belonged to him when it wasn’t true. She said it was true. He gave her one last time to tell the truth. She said it happened twice and it would never happen again. He asked why it happened. She told him why it happened. He asked if she was saying the affair was his fault.

Lucas asked Nicole if EJ read the letter. She said she watched him read the letter. He said EJ was going to kill Sami. Nicole said they always get back together. Lucas thanked Nicole for telling it. When Lucas left, Rafe asked if Lucas was the one she had an affair with. She said it wasn’t Lucas. She said it was Xander. Lani told Shawn and Belle that she had to arrest Allie and Claire. Claire told Belle that she couldn’t let Lani do it. Shawn said Lani had to arrest them. Lani read them their rights.

Ciara told Ben that the cabin wasn’t romantic. She said it was the place where Claire tried to kill her. She asked if he was going to kill her. He said he would never kill her. He wanted her to look around the cabin. She agreed to do it if he would take her back to Salem. He agreed to take her back to Salem if she looked around.

Rafe couldn’t believe Nicole slept with Xander. She said she felt terrible about what she did. She said she could barely look him in the eye. Sami said she wasn’t blaming EJ. She said they were having problems. He said he didn’t cheat on her. She reminded him that he cheated with Abby. She said they got through that. He said after she was finished being mad. She said they still go through it. She told him they could get through this.

EJ told Sami that his affair was different because they weren’t married. Sami said they were engaged and in a loving relationship. He said marriage was sacred. She reminded him of the way he treated her while she was taking care of him. He reminded her that he gave her the option not to rush to be with him. They continued to argue. 

Lani and Shawn told Allie and Claire had to tell them where Ciara and Ben were or they were going to be booked. Claire said they were going to have to get a lawyer. She asked Belle to represent them. Ben said his ankle was hurt from when she pushed him away from her. She didn’t believe he was in pain. He told her she could leave. She left the cabin and went to the car.

Days of Our Lives 08-09-21 Recap 9th August 2021.


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