Days of Our Lives 08-12-21 Recap 12th August 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 08-12-21 Recap 12th August 2021

Days of Our Lives 08-12-21,

Belle went to the police department to demand that Eli let Claire and Allie go. He said he would let them go if they told him where Bem and Ciara was. Eli said it wasn’t going to end until Theo got his bride back. Belle said he was making it personal. Eli said Theo was family. Belle reminded him that Allie and Claire were family. He said Ben committed a crime. He told Belle to get Allie and Claire to talk.

Belle and Eli went to talk to Allie and Claire. Allie and Claire refused to talk. Belle asked Eli if she could talk to Allie and Claire alone. When Eli left, Belle told them they could go to prison. Belle asked if they were willing to risk their lives for Ben.

Days of Our Lives 08-12-21 Recap 12th August 2021

Ben urges Ciara to remember their love story. Belle and Eli put pressure on Allie and Claire. Chanel and Tripp grow concerned about Allie. Paulina tries to help Theo, but her gesture angers Lani.

Abe and Theo saw a reward for information on Ben and Ciara. They thought Victor put up the reward, but it wasn’t him. It turned out to be Paulina. Paulina said she had to do something. Theo and Abe were grateful for what she did.

Lani told Paulina to leave her family alone. Lani thought the reward money was irresponsible. She said it made the police’s job harder. Lani wanted yo know who put the posters. Paulina said she did it. Lani accused her of trying to buy forgiveness. Lani said they didn’t need her help. Theo tried to defend Paulina to Lani. Lani didn’t want to hear it. She told Paulina to go away.

Abe told Lani she was mean to Paulina. Abe and Lani argued until Theo told her to focus on finding Ciara. When Theo left, Abe asked Lani why she couldn’t let Paulina make amends.

Ciara told Ben that she wanted to leave the cabin. He told her the car broke down. She was determined to leave. He told her to get the food out of the car before she took the long walk. When Ciara brought the cooler in the cabin, there was Chinese food inside.

Ben told Ciara that they ate Chinese food on their first date. She was willing to eat it, but it wouldn’t make her fall in love with him. He accepted defeat. He said he wouldn’t stand in the way of her going back to Salem. She said she would send help for him. She told him to never do anything like that again. He said he wouldn’t do it.

Ben told Ciara that he did what he did because he found the woman he waited for all his life. He said she shine the light on the darkest place of his life. He said he took the advice of a fortune cookie to follow his heart when she was missing.

He handed her a cookie. He said whatever she found inside would help her remember that they were meant to be together. He said opening the cookie would be the last thing he asked her to do. Ciara read the fortune.

Ciara was about to leave the cabin when she suddenly had flashbacks of her life with Ben. He asked if she was starting to remember. She said she wasn’t. She ran to the door. He called out for her not to leave. He said he knew she was remembering. She thought about Ben proposing to her. 

Days of Our Lives 08-12-21 Recap 12th August 2021.


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