Days of Our Lives 08-13-21 Recap 13th August 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 08-13-21 Recap 13th August 2021

Days of Our Lives 08-13-21,

Abe asked Lani why she was giving Paulina a hard time. Lani reminded him what Paulina did for why she wasn’t willing to forgive her. Paulina told Theo that she had to send a woman some money and she would let her know where Ciara was. Ciara was starting to remember things. Ben wanted to know what she remembered. She told him what she remembered. 

Jack went to see Steve. Steve told him Dr. Snyder wasn’t a good man. He said Snyder has been running a side business for six months. Jack wanted to know what it had to do with him. Steve said it looked like Gwen was involved. Gwen talked to Xander about his affair with Nicole. Gwen asked if he was blackmailing Xander. He said he was into fashion. She said he couldn’t be trusted. She said he was never going to get a job again. 

Days of Our Lives 08-13-21 Recap 13th August 2021

Ciara has a major breakthrough! Gwen finds herself on the hot seat. Lani explains to Abe why it’s so hard for her to forgive Paulina. Steve delivers upsetting news to Jack.

Shawn went to see Paulina. He told her that the woman was a scam. Theo thought it could have been a lead. Shawn said it could be another waste of time. Paulina told them that the woman said the deal was off if she didn’t get the money in her bank account. Paulina said it was now or never. Ben asked if Ciara was starting to get her memory back. She told him about proposing to her. She asked if he messed with the fortune. He said he didn’t do anything. He said fate was always going to bring them back together.

Lani told Abe that Paulina would come in and out of her life like a tornado. She said was the most important person in the world to her. She said there would be gifts and trips. She said she would be gone without explanations. Abe thought it must have hurt. Lani said she broke her heart. Theo thought the woman would be their only chance at finding Ciara. Theo thought Ben might hurt Ciara. He told Paulina that Ben was the necktie killer. 

Ciara told Ben that she wasn’t sure he didn’t try to manipulate her. He said he didn’t do anything. She wasn’t sure if he didn’t tell her about the proposal. He wanted her to remember what happened next. She told him what happened after he proposed to her. She started to have different memories of Ben. They kissed each other.

Ciara told Ben that she remembered everything. She told him everything she remembered. She said she mostly remembered how much she loved him. Ben said he didn’t think this day would come. She said he never gave up on her. She said she said horrible things to him. She said it was their wedding anniversary and she wanted to marry Theo. 

Jack asked Steve if he took the information to the police. Steve said he wanted to talk to him first. Jack asked him to wait to go to the police. He said Gwen’s mother was a drug dealer. He wondered why she would get involved with Snyder. Gwen told Xander that he could find a bum off the street to pretend to be the guy on the couch. He wanted to know why he had to use his money to do it. She said she didn’t have any money. He told her to get a job. He reminded her of what she did to Chad. While they were talking, they started flirting with each other.

Paulina told Shawn and Theo that the person saw Ben take Ciara to Monmouth Falls. Shawn said he knew where Ben took Ciara. Ciara told Ben that she couldn’t marry Theo now. Ben said Theo knew she was going to get her memory back. She said she told him over and over again that she wouldn’t hurt him. Ben said Theo wanted to marry her knowing that she would get her memory. She said she had to talk to him because she promised him she wouldn’t hurt him. 

Jack walked in on Gwen and Xander together. Jack wanted to know what was going on. Xander said nothing. Jack told them Steve was investigating Dr. Snyder. He  found out Snyder was selling drugs. Gwen said they knew nothing about it. Jack said Steve found out she was working with Dr. Snyder. 

Gwen told Jack that she would never get involved with Snyder after what she went through with her mother. Jack said he thought the same thing until the drug dealer identified her. She said the person was a drug dealer and could have been lying. He said he trusted her and let her in his house. He told her not to use words like truth and trust. She ended up confessing to selling drugs for Snyder.

Days of Our Lives 08-13-21 Recap 13th August 2021.


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