Days of Our Lives 08-18-21 Recap 18th August 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 08-18-21 Recap 18th August 2021

Days of Our Lives 08-18-21,

Lani told Paulina that she was willing to forgive her, but she couldn’t keep any more secrets from her. Olivia said Paulina didn’t have any secrets. Paulina told Lani that she had something to tell her. John told Marlena that the charges were dropped against Allie and Claire. Marlena was happy. He told her Sami and EJ broke up. Marlena wanted to know what happened. He told her something was going on between Sami and Lucas. He said EJ found out and he and Sami broke up. Marlena wondered why they hadn’t heard from Sami.

Days of Our Lives 08-18-21 Recap 18th August 2021

EJ gets a surprise visit from his son, Johnny.

Marlena told John that she couldn’t believe Sami would do anything to put her marriage in jeopardy. John said Sami regretted what she did. Marlena said she did. John said Sami went to Gabi and she hasn’t been heard from ever since. Johnny went to see EJ. Johnny wanted to know where Sami was. EJ told him that Sami had an affair with Lucas. Johnny was surprised that Sami wasn’t there to fight for their marriage. EJ didn’t care where Sami was. EJ changed the subject and asked what he was up to. Johnny said he needed investors for his movie.

Paulina started to tell Lani the truth, but Olivia interrupted her. Olivia sent Lani to get her something to eat or drink. Lani left to get it. Paulina couldn’t believe Olivia suddenly wanted something to eat and drink. Olivia told her she wasn’t going to tell Lani the truth. Olivia said she had another thought coming if she thought she was going to tell her the truth.

Allie and Tripp went to see John and Marlena. Allie asked if Sami was there. Marlena said she wasn’t. Allie said she has tried to get in touch with her, but she hasn’t heard from her. Marlena said according to Belle, she and EJ had a fight. Allie asked if they knew about Sami’s situation with EJ. Marlena said they did. Allie said she was talking to her father and he hasn’t heard from Sami either. Johnny told EJ about his passion for movies. He asked if EJ wanted to invest in his movie. EJ asked him to work for DiMera instead.

Paulina told Olivia that she couldn’t keep any secrets from Lani. Olivia told her she had to keep it from her. Olivia told Paulina that it might make her feel better to tell Lani the truth, but it would make Lani feel worse. She said Lani’s whole world would come crashing down if Paulina told her the truth. She said Lani would lose the only mother she has ever known. Lani came back and wanted to know what Paulina was going to tell her.

Allie told Marlena that Gabi never saw Sami. Tripp asked if Sami could have changed her mind and cooled down. Marlena said Sami never gave up if she was fighting for something. Allie asked if she thought something might have happened to Sami. Marlena said she didn’t think so. John suspected that EJ might not have been telling the truth. He said when EJ was angry, he tended to do things to get revenge. Allie asked if he was trying to say EJ did something to Sami. 

EJ wanted to know if Johnny was going to work with him. He said Stefano would have loved for him to work at DiMera. Johnny didn’t want to work there. He wanted to make movies. EJ didn’t want him to make movies. He thought it was a whim. Johnny tried to justify why he wanted to make movies. They ended up in an argument. Johnny said he didn’t need the money from him. He said he would get the money from Sami. EJ wished him luck finding her.

Paulina and Lani made up. Paulina said she would make up for everything she did. Lani told her she didn’t have to do all of that. She told her she just needed to be honest with her. She told her Abe explained why money was more important to her. Paulina asked if he told her about Ray. Lani said he did. Paulina said being with Ray forced her to make some difficult choices. Olivia said that was all Paulina had to say. Lani wondered how long Olivia was staying. Olivia said it would depend on how long she had to keep her eye on Paulina.

John went to see EJ. John wanted to ask him about Sami. EJ said he wasn’t in the mood to talk about her. John said he knew about the situation. EJ thought Belle told him. John said she did. He said Sami hasn’t been around. EJ said she was going to talk to Gabi. John said Allie told him Sami never went to see Gabi. EJ said maybe Sami gave up trying to live in the mansion. John said Sami would have tried to get in touch with her family. He said there was no way she wouldn’t have reached out to someone. EJ asked what he was trying to insinuate.

John told EJ he wasn’t trying to insinuate anything. He told EJ that they had a fight. EJ asked if he was trying to say he killed Sami. John said he wasn’t saying that. EJ said Sami was the one who cheated on him so he told her to get out. He told John to take his insinuation and get out of the mansion. John ended up leaving. Paulina was upset with Olivia for stopping her from telling Lani the truth. Paulina wanted to make up for everything by telling her the truth. Olivia said she would have made Lani feel worse. Olivia said Lani would be losing her mother and father.

Days of Our Lives 08-18-21 Recap 18th August 2021.


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