Days of Our Lives 08-23-21 Recap 23rd August 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 08-23-21 Recap 23rd August 2021

Days of Our Lives 08-23-21,

Julie wanted to know how Jack could think Gwen was innocent. He said people change. He said Gwen has been through a great loss. He said Xander dragged Gwen into this mess. He said Xander said Gwen wasn’t involved. He thought Xander wasn’t a scrupulous person, but he didn’t have a reason to lie about her. Julie thought he could have done it to protect Gwen. 

EJ went to see Xander at the police station. He told him he would represent him, but he wanted something from him. Xander wanted to know what he wanted. EJ wanted him to give back the money Sami gave him to expose Nicole’s affair. Xander thought he was joking. EJ said he wasn’t. He let Xander know that he didn’t have a choice. He told Xander he was the only one who could help him. Xander said he could get another attorney. EJ told him that he wouldn’t have found one that would help him.

Days of Our Lives 08-23-21 Recap 23rd August 2021

EJ makes Xander a surprising offer. Julie is suspicious of Gwen. Paulina crashes Chanel’s date with Johnny. Ben and Ciara have a romantic celebration.

Jack told Julie that Xander would never protect Gwen because they barely got along with each other. Julie said they got along with each other long enough to have sex on the couch. Jack asked if it was true. Gwen said it was, but they argued after. Jack defended Gwen to Julie. Julie didn’t believe them.

Xander told EJ that he would hire Justin as his attorney. Xande thought Justin would give him the family discount. EJ asked when was the last time Justin won a case. Xander admitted that was true. He said Justin just lost a custody case to Sami and she wasn’t an attorney. EJ said he was going to need his help. 

Gwen thanked Jack for defending her. She said she didn’t deserve it after what she has done. He said she worked hard to change. He said it wasn’t her fault. He said it was Xander. She said she knew he liked Xander. She said he deserved a second chance too. Jack wanted to know why she was defending Xander.

EJ told Xander that he confessed to two people. He was going to be in trouble. He said the opioid drug is very dangerous. Xander wanted to know how his involvement would help. EJ said his name would help him. He said his family dealt with that in the past. Xander said if he gave back the money, he would be broke again. EJ wished him luck in prison with Clyde Weston.

Gwen continued to defend Xander. Jack still couldn’t believe she was defending him after what he had done. Jack told Gwen he wasn’t going to forgive Xander for what he did. He said they just found each other. He said he loved her. He said he hoped she knew that. She said she loved him too. 

Xander told EJ that he would give him half of the money back. EJ said half would give him half a life sentence. Xander said he would be broke without it because he didn’t have a job. He told EJ that Brady fired him. EJ said DiMera owned Basic Black. He said he would be able to get him his job back. Xander asked if he could do that. EJ said he could. EJ wanted him to sign a contract saying he would pay him a million dollars for the legal fees.

Days of Our Lives 08-23-21 Recap 23rd August 2021.


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