Days of Our Lives 08-30-21 Recap 30th August 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 08-30-21 Recap 30th August 2021

Days of Our Lives 08-30-21,

Melinda ripped into EJ for getting the charges against Xander dropped. He told her he was better than her. She thought he used his family influence to get what he wanted. She was determined to make him pay for getting Xander off. He wasn’t afraid of her threat. Chad told Jack that he missed Abby. He said she wouldn’t make a plan for him and the kids to see her. He wanted to know if Jack could get in touch with her. Jack said she was treating him the same way. Chad said it seemed as if she didn’t want to see him. He was worried that his marriage was over.

Bonnie introduced Justin to Clariss. He said he didn’t know she had a sister-in-law. She said Calista followed her on social media. She said she ended up inviting her to the wedding. He was okay with it. He said it was her wedding too. Calista was willing to go to the wedding. He thanked Justin for inviting her. 

Days of Our Lives 08-30-21 Recap 30th August 2021

Allie is stunned to learn Chanel is dating Johnny. Calista threatens to expose Bonnie. Chad confides in Jack his fears that his marriage to Abigail is over. Xander plays hardball with EJ.

When Chanel and Johnny met with Allie and Tripp, Allie told Johnny that she was Chanel’s best friend. Chanel was shocked when she found out they were related. EJ didn’t like how Melinda was questioning his ability to practice law. She said she was going to find out what was going on between him and Xander. She wanted to know how he knew Xander needed an attorney before he made his phone call. Chad told Jack that Abby told him she wanted to spend time with her mother. He said he agreed to let her go. He said he was starting to get worried that she doesn’t want to be with him. 

Allie asked Chanel if Johnny was the guy she told her about. Johnny said he was. Allie said she was checking him out to see if he was good enough for Chanel. Johnny asked if he passed the test. Tripp wanted to know why she was interested. She said she wanted to be sure he was good enough for Chanel. Johnny said Allie was the one who kissed Chanel. 

Calista told Bonnie that she wasn’t going to marry Justin. She said Bonnie owed her the money after killing her husband. Bonnie said she didn’t have the money. Calista threatened to tell Justin all about what she did. Bonnie told her not to say anything. Calista said she was going to let Justin know all about what she did to her Harrison. She told Bonnie she wasn’t getting married until she got the money.

Justin wanted to know what was going on with Bonnie. He said she seemed jumpy. She said it was wedding day jitters. Calista said Bonnie was acting this way when her brother died. She asked who knew it was an omen. EJ told Xander that the charges against him were going to be dropped as long as he walk the straight and narrow. Melinda said all the good that would do. She went over his personal belongings. She said he had a million dollars that was now gone. She said if it was obtained illegally, she was going to find out. 

Johnny told Allie that she was bi-sexual. Allie said she wasn’t. He said the idea was hot. Allie and Tripp were upset and decided to leave. EJ told Melinda that Xander had Sami’s money. Melinda wanted to talk to Sami. He said Sami was gone so she wouldn’t be able to talk to her. They argued a little more until she said he would get his money back, but she would figure out what was going on.

Calista wanted to know where her room was at the mansion. Bonnie said it was too crowded there. Calista thought there were enough rooms in the mansion. Bonnie said she would get her a room at the Salem Inn. Calista agreed to go to the Inn. When Bonnie walked her out, Calista warned her to get her money or she wasn’t getting married. 

Days of Our Lives 08-30-21 Recap 30th August 2021.


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