Days of Our Lives 09-01-21 Recap 1st September 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 09-01-21 Recap 1st September 2021

Days of Our Lives 09-01-21,

Chanel talked to Paulina about Johnny. Paulina was impressed that Johnny was a DiMera. Paulina was happy that Chanel was with a rich man. Chanel said she didn’t know he was rich when she first met him. She said Johnny was on the outs with his father. She said he wouldn’t give him the money for his money. She said she didn’t know Johnny was Allie’s brother.

Johnny and EJ argued with each other. While they were arguing, Johnny asked him how Sami was. Johnny realized he hit him below the belt. EJ said he deserved it because he hasn’t been welcoming since he’s been back. Johnny said EJ has been a jerk. Johnny said Allie told him he was acting like him. EJ asked if they haven’t been getting along. 

Days of Our Lives 09-01-21 Recap 1st September 2021

Paulina offers Chanel romantic advice. Nicole suggests Allie is jealous about her brother dating Chanel. Ava’s announcement takes Rafe by surprise. Philip finds Chloe and Brady in bed together!

Philip walked in on Brady and Chloe together. Chloe wanted to know what he was doing there. He said he didn’t believe the engine trouble. Brady told Chloe that he was being cute. Philip said he was going to make him pay for trying to take advantage of Chloe. Brady told him that he tried to get some sleep. Philip said he was distracted by being in bed with Chloe. Chloe told Philip that nothing happened between them. She said he didn’t trust her. He said he didn’t trust Brady.

Chanel told Paulina that Johnny and Allie were twins. Chanel said Allie didn’t like the idea of her being with Johnny. Johnny told EJ that Allie didn’t like him being with Chanel. EJ wondered why Allie didn’t like the idea of them being together. Johnny said Allie liked Chanel herself. EJ asked if she was jealous. Allie talked to Nicole about Chanel and Johnny. Allie told Nicole that Johnny was a player who was going to hurt Chanel. She said Johnny accused her of being jealous. Nicole asked if she was.

Ava told Rafe that she saw him hugging Nicole. She said it made her decided she was moving out of the house. She told him he could be with Nicole. He told her he was saying goodbye to each other. He said they talked and realized that their relationship was causing problems. Ava was shocked that they talked about it. She said it wasn’t just up to Nicole. She asked if he wanted to be with Nicole.

Nicole told Allie that she needs to realize why she was upset that her brother was dating her best friend. Johnny talked to EJ about Allie not being gay. EJ said he needed to wonder why Allie didn’t like the idea of him being with Chanel. Paulina told Chanel that Allie was upset about her being with Johnny because she had a thing for him.

While Brady and Philip were arguing over Chloe, she stopped them. She told Brady that it wasn’t funny that they were arguing. She wanted Brady to leave them alone.He left the room so they could talk. She told Philip that he claimed he was trying to protect her, but he was possessing her. She said if he didn’t stop doing it, they were going to break up for good. He said he did trust her. He wanted to take her away. She asked about Brady. He didn’t want to take him at first. He changed his mind and agreed to let him go. Chloe told him he was going to leave and let her and Brady stay behind because he trusted her. 

Rafe told Ava that he was trying to help Nicole. He said they became close once Eric left. Ava said he always helps the damsel in distress. She said his relationship with Nicole turned into something more. He admitted to being attracted to Nicole at first, but he wasn’t anymore. He asked if she could honestly tell him she would never be attracted to another man. When she didn’t answer, he took that to mean that she felt the same way. He said he wanted to make things work with her. He asked if she wanted the same thing.

Paulina told Chanel that Allie was jealous of Johnny being with her. Chanel didn’t understand why Allie would be jealous of them being together when she had her chance to be with her. Johnny talked to EJ about Allie calling him a player. EJ gave him advice on what to do with Chanel to show that he wasn’t a player. Johnny was wondering who was the real player. 

Johnny thought EJ was trying to get him to do what he wanted. EJ wanted him to work at DiMera. Johnny said he was a filmmaker. EJ said he was a rich guy playing with his phone. EJ asked if he really thought Chanel would want to be with someone who didn’t have a real direction. Paulina told Chanel that she shouldn’t give up on Johnny just because Allie didn’t like it. Chanel said Allie was her friend. Paulina said Allie would understand if she were her friend.

Days of Our Lives 09-01-21 Recap 1st September 2021.


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