Days of Our Lives 09-03-21 Recap 3rd September 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 09-03-21 Recap 3rd September 2021

Days of Our Lives 09-03-21,

Sam went to the Savoy to tell Curtis what she found out about Drew’s cash. He tried to get her to leave, but Michael, Spinelli and Jason showed up for the bachelor party. Sam wanted to talk to Jason.

Sam told Jason that she was sure their wedding would be everything they would want. She wished them the best. Jason went to the bar. Sam told Curtis that Jason always chose Carly over her. She said he didn’t have to choose anymore. She told him about Drew’s crash. Curtis said he might know someone who worked at Creighton-Clark.

Days of Our Lives 09-03-21 Recap 3rd September 2021

Calista pressures Bonnie to commit a crime. Nicole balks at EJ’s request. Gwen comes clean with Jack. Ben and Ciara enjoy their honeymoon.

Olivia talked to Carly about the wedding. Olivia said if it were somebody else, she would think she was moving on too fast after Sonny’s death. Olivia wished her luck with her in-laws.

Sasha talked to Willow about Brando. Sasha said Brando was working with the mob. Carly showed up and said he wasn’t in the mob. Sasha was still concerned about it. Olivia said the entertainment arrived. When the music played, Brando came out stripping. Sasha pulled him to the side. He said that was his side gig.

Carly started thinking about Jason. Bobbie showed up. Bobbie told her Jason has always been there for her. She aaud he believed the best in Carly. Carly said she didn’t know why Jason loved her.

Sonny told Phyllis that things weren’t working out with Nina. He said Nina was pushing him away until he figured out who he was. When Nina walked in, Phyllis asked her why she couldn’t live in the moment and be with Sonny. When Phyllis left, Nina told Sonny that she wanted him. She said he needed to know who he was. He said he wanted to be with her because he loved her.

Jax went to see Ava. He wanted to know that she knew about Nina’s boyfriend. She wasn’t willing to give him the information. He said he was trying to help Nina. Ava said Nina hasn’t said much about him. She wanted to know what was going on. He said he was concerned. He called for his jet so he could go to Nixon Falls.

Spinelli told Jason and Michael that he Ellie ended things with him. While they were talking, Joey showed up. Joey made a toast to Carly. Joey asked Jason what it was like to be sleeping with his dead boss’s wife. Spinelli hit him. The police were called and they all got arrested. 

Days of Our Lives 09-03-21 Recap 3rd September 2021.


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