Days of Our Lives 09-15-21 Recap 15th September 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 09-15-21 Recap 15th September 2021

Days of Our Lives 09-15-21,

Justin said he was Bonnie’s lawyer. When Justin and Bonnie were alone, she told him about the scam Calista and Harrison roped her into. Bonnie thought about being hesitant of the plan. She thought about him trying to force himself on her. She thought about them struggling over the gun that was in his pocket. She ended up shooting him.

When Calista came back, Bonnie ran out and left the gun. Bonnie said she didn’t want the blood money so she flushed the ticket in the toilet. She said she looked over her shoulder for a long time waiting for Calista to look for her. She said when Calista looked for her, she stole Xander’s money. She didn’t want to get the money from Justin the way Calista wanted him to.

Days of Our Lives 09-15-21 Recap 15th September 2021

Bonnie tells Justin her side of the story. Ben and Ciara visit Oak Alley. Philip accuses Jake and Gabi of plotting with Brady. Rafe tries to get Nicole to reconsider her decision.

When Bonnie was finished telling him what happened, Justin said he believed her. He said he would defend her but it would be hard because she killed her husband, Harrison and Calista. Bonnie said Mimi was the one who did it. She said she couldn’t let Mimi go to prison so she took the rap for it. She told him not to repeat that in court. He was impressed and wanted to marry her when this was over.

Philip wanted to know if Gabi and Jake were plotting against him with Brady. They said they were confronting Brady about the keylogger. Brady said Chloe was waiting for him. When Brady left, Jake and Gabi tried to play on Philip’s jealousy over Brady and Chloe. Philip walked off.

Chloe wanted Nicole to admit to her feelings for Rafe. Nicole said there was no point. She said she wouldn’t go after Ava’s man. She told Chloe Philip had a reason to be jealous of Brady. She said her feelings for Brady haven’t gone away. Brady walked in the room.

Brady told Chloe that he didn’t put the keylogger in Philip’s computer. She believed that he was telling the truth. He was happy that she believed him because he couldn’t get along without her. He said he liked having her around because she made everything better.

Philip walked in on Brady and Chloe. Philip said Brady told Jake and Gabi that he would do anything to get Chloe back. Brady said he never told them that. They talked about the keylogger. They said Philip was paranoid. Brady was tired of Philip and left. Chloe told Philip about his jealousy. He said he didn’t want to lose her.

Nicole ran into Rafe. She tried to walk away from him, but he stopped her. He said he wasn’t okay with not being around her forever. She said she was trying to make things easier for him and Ava. He said Ava would have to deal with him having female friends. She said he didn’t have feelings for his other female friends like he does for her.

Rafe told Nicole that he did have feelings for her, but she was married. He said he was with Ava now. He said it wasn’t as if she had feelings for him. She said she moved on from the feelings she had. 

Days of Our Lives 09-15-21 Recap 15th September 2021.


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