Days of Our Lives 09-17-21 Recap 17th September 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 09-17-21 Recap 17th September 2021

Days of Our Lives 09-17-21,

Julie tested Doug’s memory by showing him pictures. Kayla came over with the results of Doug’s MRI. She said there was some shrinkage of his brain volume. She said that was normal for someone his age. She said she couldn’t rule out Alzheimer’s just yet. She wanted to do another scan, but it was expensive. Julie said she didn’t care how much it cost. Kayla thought he should see Marlena.

John and Marlena talked about Johnny’s movie. She said it was about Sami. John thought it would be a bad idea. He thought Sami walking in on them having sex would be in the movie. Marlena didn’t think Johnny wouldn’t put that in the movie. John said that moment drove Sami’s behavior for years. He thought there was no way Johnny would leave that out.

Days of Our Lives 09-17-21 Recap 17th September 2021

Kayla delivers test results to Julie and Doug. John and Marlena discuss Johnny’s film, which brings up painful memories from the past. EJ and Johnny clash over Johnny’s project. Abigail has a surprising request for Chad.

Marlena told John everyone got past their affair. She said Roman did too. John said their affair ruined her marriage to Roman. He said it left her vulnerable to the dark side. She said the movie was about Sami. Kayla called Marlena and asked her to meet with Doug.

EJ went to Johnny to get him to work for DiMera. Johnny refused to do it. He showed EJ the script for his movie. EJ didn’t like it. Johnny said he would write EJ out. EJ said he couldn’t write him out because he was the love of Sami’s life. Johnny said that belonged to Lucas. EJ said that was ridiculous. EJ said Johnny would regret it if he took it too far.

When Chad brought Abby home, she thought about her fight with Gwen at the top of the stairs. Chad wanted to bring her stuff to the room, but she stopped him. She said they still had to work things out. She said she would rather do that in separate rooms.He agreed to separate rooms.

EJ showed up while Chad and Abby were together. Chad was upset when EJ brought up their marriage. He also brought up their problems with Gwen. EJ blamed Chad for his problems with Johnny. Abby defended Chad. EJ stopped arguing with Chad and left.

Johnny went to see John about the movie. John told him about his concerns. He said he would talk to him more after he talked to Marlena. Johnny was okay with it. Johnny left to finish reading the script. John pulled out a box with bible and collar. He read an article about Marlena’s possession.

Doug told Marlena that he knew something was with him. He said he did strange things, but didn’t know why. While they were talking, Marlena brought up him locking Julie in the freezer. He said he did it wasn’t an accident. He said he locked that b*tch in there on purpose.

Marlena was shocked at Doug’s admission. He said wasn’t Doug. His voice got deep. He said it has been over 25 years. He asked if she thought he wouldn’t come back for her. 

Days of Our Lives 09-17-21 Recap 17th September 2021.


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