Days of Our Lives 09-20-21 Recap 20th September 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 09-20-21 Recap 20th September 2021

Days of Our Lives 09-20-21,

Roman tried to talk to Kate about getting back together. Julie told Eli that Doug did something embarrassing to Paulina. Eli wanted to know what he did. Julie said he grabbed Paulina’s butt. Johnny told Allie that Marlena was possessed. Allie couldn’t believe Marlena would be possessed. He showed her the section about Marlena in the script. John talked to Abe about Johnny making a movie about Sami. John said the script will probably include Marlena’s possession. 

Doug asked Marlena if she missed him as much as he missed her. She said it couldn’t be. He said he has waited over two decades for her. She told him to stop that. She said it was the dementia talking. He said it wasn’t the dementia. He said Doug didn’t have dementia. He said he didn’t know how Doug put up with that wife of his. When she called him Doug, he told her not to call him Doug. He said she knew who he was.

Days of Our Lives 09-20-21 Recap 20th September 2021

Eli comforts Julie, who is deeply concerned about Doug. Johnny reveals the secrets of Will’s script to Allie. A troubled John confides in Abe. Roman and Kate reminisce about their past.

Roman reminded Kate that they got married twice. He asked if it was so hard to believe that they could get together again. She said they weren’t really married the first time. They talked about the Salem Stalker. Kate couldn’t believe Marlena turned out to be the Salem Stalker. John and Abe talked about Marlena being possessed. He said he was investigating what was going on and couldn’t believe Marlena turned out to be possessed. 

Allie couldn’t believe what Will wrote in the script. Johnny called Will. They asked if Will made up the story about Marlena being possessed. Will said he got the story from Sami. Possessed Doug told Marlena to say his name. Marlena said he was Doug. He asked how he would know about her if he was Doug. He said Doug wasn’t in Salem at the time. He showed her proof that he wasn’t Doug. He turned the lights out in her office. He asked if she believed him now.

Roman told Kate that she has chosen some questionable men over the years. She didn’t want him to mention Ted Laurent. He asked her to give a kind and decent man a shot. Abe told John that he couldn’t believe that Marlena could be possessed by the devil. John told him he listened to Kristen. He said Kristen was a good person back then. He said Marlena was in a bad place. He said his and Marlena’s affair caused her to be vulnerable. 

Allie couldn’t believe Sami was telling the truth about Marlena being possessed. Will told her to ask Sami if she wanted the truth. Julie wanted to check on Doug. Kayla stopped her. She said it wasn’t good to interrupt a therapy session. Marlena realized that Possessed Doug was telling the truth. She asked why he was doing that to Doug. She said he was an angel. She wanted to know why he has come back to Salem after all these years.

Kate told Roman that she gave him another shot when she thought he was dead. She said he ended up sleeping with Marlena. Roman reminded her that she slept with John. She said they slept together because they thought he and Marlena were dead. Roman said nothing was going to stand in the way of John and Marlena getting together. John told Abe that he didn’t know how to protect Marlena if the movie got out. He said it would destroy her if the movie came out. Abe said he saved her life by performing the exorcist. 

Possessed Doug told Marlena they were having fun. She said he needed to leave. He said he wasn’t. She said he tortured her and hurt other people. She said she wasn’t going to let him do that to Doug. Doug called her selfless. He said he was counting on her being like that. She asked him what he wanted. He said he wanted her. 

Possessed Doug told Marlena that he missed the terror they shared. He said they brought Salem to its knees. She said he used her to terrorize the people she loved. She said she wasn’t going to let him do that to her again. He said that was upsetting to hear. She said to leave Doug alone. He said all she had to do was let him back into her. She said she would never let him back. He started torturing Doug. She told him not to hurt Doug.

Days of Our Lives 09-20-21 Recap 20th September 2021.


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