Days of Our Lives 09-22-21 Recap 22nd September 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 09-22-21 Recap 22nd September 2021

Days of Our Lives 09-22-21,

Abby went to see Gwen, Gwen didn’t know why she wanted to see her. Abby said she felt responsible that she lost her baby. Gwen said she was listening. Abby said she had a lot of time to think of the last few months. She said Gwen pushed her to her limits. She said she wasn’t proud of how she reacted. She said when Gwen told her she slept with Chad, she was hurt and angry. She said she pushed Chad away. She said she became someone she didn’t know. She said when she told her she was pregnant, she thought she didn’t want her to have the baby. Gwen said she remembered that she was ready to send her to the abortion clinic. 

Abby said she didn’t see Gwen’s baby as a baby. She said she saw a lifetime of her taking her baby away from her and her kids. She said all that mattered was stopping her and her baby. She said she was ashamed of feeling that way. She said her baby was a human being and a child she wanted to have. She said Gwen deserved a chance to be her mother. She said Gwen didn’t deserve to suffer the pain. She said she came to tell her that she was sorry. 

Days of Our Lives 09-22-21 Recap 22nd September 2021

Abigail visits Gwen. Ava and Gabi clash, prompting Gabi to make a huge change.

Jack went to see Xander to apologize. Jack said Gwen told her the truth. He said he was ashamed of the things he wrote about him. He said the Spectator was going to retract what he said about him. Xander said he didn’t have to apologize. He said if Gwen told him the truth he wouldn’t have been able to get past it. Jack said Gwen told him everything. He said he understood.

Ava confronted Gabi about the lie she told her about Rafe. Ava told her that she should have outgrown her behavior. Gabi reminded her of what she did to Steve and Kayla. Ava said she wasn’t that person anymore. Ava reminded Gabi that she caused Julie to have a heart attack. She reminded Jake about Chad helping Gwen think Abby was crazy. Jake said Gabi wasn’t that person anymore. Gabi said she wanted Rafe to open his eyes about her. Ava told Jake that he should have stayed with Kate because she had class.

Xander told Jack that it was big of him to accept Gwen for what she did. Jack said Gwen was his daughter. He asked if Xander thought he wouldn’t have forgiven Gwen. Xander said Abby was his daughter first so he loved her more. He was surprised that Jack would forgive Gwen for what she did to Abby. Jack asked what Abby had to do with Gwen being a prostitute. Gwen thanked Abby for her apology. Gwen told her that she had to tell her something that she needed to know. She said when she told Abby the truth, she wouldn’t be sorry.

Xander couldn’t believe Gwen was a prostitute. Jack said he didn’t understand why he thought he wouldn’t understand that she was a prostitute. Xander said Gwen referred to it as escort. Jack wanted to know why he mentioned Abby. Xander said he always thought of Abby as the good daughter. Jack said he was afraid he was going to say Abby was a prostitute too. Jack said he always played fair with Abby and JJ and he wanted to do that with Gwen too. 

Gwen told Abby that she said she pushed her when they both knew she didn’t. Abby appreciated hearing Gwen tell her that. She said Chad and Jack told her that she wasn’t responsible for it. Abby said she shouldn’t have confronted her. She said if she didn’t, Gwen would be nine months pregnant now. Abby said she was really sorry. Gwen told her that it took a lot of guts to show up there. 

Victor told Brady that he wanted Philip to focus on Titan. Victor said the only way to do that was to get rid of Chloe. Brady wondered what he was going to do. Brady asked if he was going to eliminate her. Victor said he didn’t have to do that. He said Brady was going to help him avoid doing that by going after Chloe. Victor told him he wanted him to steal Chloe from Philip. Brady asked if he wanted him to go after Chloe. Victor said Philip wouldn’t give up on Chloe on his own. Victor wanted him to go after Chloe so he wouldn’t be obsessed over Kristen. He told Brady to seduce Chloe until she cracked.

Gwen told Abby that she gave her reason to hate her. She said she knew that Abby didn’t try to hurt her or her baby. Gwen said she hoped she and Chad could move past it. Abby thanked her for accepting her apology. Gwen said it would be awkward if she didn’t accept her apology since they would be seeing each other. Abby told Gwen that she was leaving. 

Xander said he hated being on the ice with Jack. Jack said that was over. He said he should have known their friendship would have been over when took the blame. Xander said Gwen would have lost him and he would rather her not lose her father. Jack said he was being protective of Gwen. Jack said Xander sacrificed himself for Gwen, Jack wanted to know what his intentions were with his daughter. Before he answered, Gwen showed up. When Jack left, Xander told her he almost outed her. She said she couldn’t tell Jack the truth. She said Jack was understanding about it. Xander said he was back on good terms with Jack because of the story she told him.

Days of Our Lives 09-22-21 Recap 22nd September 2021.


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