Days of Our Lives 09-29-21 Recap 29th September 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 09-29-21 Recap 29th September 2021

Days of Our Lives 09-29-21,

Ava told Philip that he wasn’t going to help him take Gabi down. He said she told him when she overheard Gabi and Jake talking about him. Ava said Gabi was Rafe’s sister so she couldn’t help him. Philip said Rafe didn’t have to know. He asked if she was going to help him. Ava wanted to know if he wanted her to wear a wire. He said she could listen out for them talking again. She wanted to know what helping him would get her.

Brady told EJ that he didn’t want him to be with Nicole. EJ thought he was jealous of him being with Nicole. Brady didn’t think she should be with EJ. He said he has been over Nicole. He just didn’t think she should be with EJ. Brady reminded him that he was still married to Sami. EJ reminded him that he was involved with his sister. Brady said he was single. He asked Nicole if she was really going to go out with EJ.

Days of Our Lives 09-29-21 Recap 29th September 2021

Brady tries to discourage Nicole from going out with EJ. Xander and Gwen scheme to get Xander out of his predicament. Abigail tells Jack she doesn’t think Gwen’s story adds up. Ava and Philip conspire to bring down Gabi and Jake.

Ava told Philip that Jake used to work for her family. She said there was paperwork on him that would get him in trouble. She said it could land him in jail. Philip wondered if Gabi would be willing to give up her life in order to save him. Gabi wanted Jake to have Ava bumped off. He asked if she was seriously asking him to have her killed. He said Ava’s family was dangerous. Gabi asked if he ever killed someone.

Gwen and Xander tried to come up with a way to blackmail the judge. Xander thought the judge might have his price. He thought the judge might be willing to deal with prostitution. Gwen offered herself as bait. Xander didn’t want her to do that. Jack told Abby that Gwen was the one who knew Snyder. He said Snyder was blackmailing her. Abby wanted to know why he was blackmailing her. He said she used to be a prostitute.

Brady told EJ that he loved Kristen. EJ said it wasn’t enough to stay by her side. Brady said he was there for her. EJ said it didn’t last long. He said Brady was cavorting with Chloe instead of being by Kristen’s side. Chloe said she wasn’t doing anything with Brady. She said she was dating Philip. Philip told Ava to call her cousin to go after Jake. Ava said she wasn’t doing anything. SHe said he got Gabi Chic out of it, but she didn’t get anything. Jake told Gabi what he did for the Vitali family. He told her he did what he had to do for the family.

Gwen told Xander the plan could work since Jack thought she was a hooker. Xander said he didn’t expect her to do it. She said when she gave the judge a chance to sample her product, he wouldn’t be able to resist. Abby asked if Gwen was a prostitute. Jack said she did it when she was down on her luck. Abby said he turned out to be her doctor in Salem. Jack said he threatened to expose her past right after she lost her baby. Abby thought all of this happened because of her. 

Xander told Gwen that he wasn’t going to let her have sex with the judge. She said she wasn’t going to have sex with him. She said she was going to record him trying to have sex with her. Xander still didn’t want her to do it. Jack told Abby that it wasn’t her fault that Gwen was blackmailed. Abby said she went to see Gwen. Jack asked how it went. She said they aren’t ever going to be close, but she felt bad about her losing her baby. Jack said it wasn’t her fault. Abby said she still blamed herself.

Ava told Philip that she wanted a job. He said Victor wasn’t going to go along with her working at the company after what she did to him. She said he could talk Victor into letting her work there. She said she wanted to run Gabi Chic, but she wanted him to change the name. He wanted to know what she wanted to change it to. She said it could be called Ava Chic. EJ told Nicole that Brady wasn’t in a position to tell her who she could date. She said Brady was concerned about her. 

Jake didn’t want to go back to the mafia. He said they were tempting fate. Philip was afraid to let Ava run Gabi Chic. He said she might run it into the ground. She said she used to run companies before. He said he didn’t think he could get Victor to want to hire her. She said he wouldn’t get the help he needed if he didn’t hire her. He said he might be able to do it. 

EJ wanted to know if Nicole wasn’t ready to move on with anyone or with him. She said she wasn’t ready to move on. He said the best way to get over someone was to be with someone new. She asked if he wanted to be with her or was this his way of sticking it to Sami. Abby continued to blame herself for what she did to Gwen. Jack told her it wasn’t her fault. He said he has made several mistakes in his life. She said he didn’t do what she did. He said he has done way worse than she has. He told her it was time to forgive herself. He said she and Gwen should forgive themselves.

Nicole told EJ that him going out with her would drive Sami insane. He asked what that had to do with Sami. She said Sami hated her. He didn’t care. He reminded her that Sami exposed her affair with Xander even though she was sleeping with Lucas. He asked her to tell him she didn’t want to get revenge on her for doing all of that.

Days of Our Lives 09-29-21 Recap 29th September 2021.


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