Days of Our Lives 1-13-20 Recap 13th January 2020

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 1-13-20 Recap 13th January 2020

Days of Our Lives 1-13-20,

Clyde tried to convince Ben to escape prison. Ben didn’t want to do it. Clyde reminded him that he was going to die, but Ben believed Ciara would help him. He thought she could get Victor to tell her what really happened to Jordan. Clyde couldn’t just let Ben die. He was afraid Victor would die with that secret. Will walked in on them talking, but Clyde told him their conversation was private. Clyde looked at Ben and left them alone. Ben told Will that he lost his appeal. There was a date for his execution. Will tried to comfort him. Ben appreciated Will helping him. Will thought he might get a miracle since he should have been executed instead of him.

Days of Our Lives 1-13-20 Recap 13th January 2020

Victor admitted that he and Xander sent an innocent man to prison. Ciara wanted to call her mother so she could record the confession. Xander stopped her because Victor wasn’t talking about Ben. Victor admitted that they framed Will. Ciara was shocked by what he told her. She wanted to know who killed Adrienne. They said they didn’t do it. Xander said it didn’t matter who did it. They said they didn’t kill Jordan. Victor decided to tell her what happened to Adrienne. She was shocked by what he told her. Victor asked her if she could keep quiet about what he told her. She didn’t think she could do it. She was worried about Will.

Stefano tried to explain himself to Kristen. She had trouble believing him. He told her how Rolf transplanted his consciousness in Steve’s body. She still had trouble believing him. She wanted him to prove it. He put on his ring to show her that he was telling the truth. She thought he could have stolen the ring. She was about to call security when he reminded her about Nashville. He told her that she was the one who wanted Rolf to save him. He explained everything that happened. She finally believed him. She told him that he was in pain so Rolf had to find someone. Kristen didn’t understand why it had to be Steve. He explained it to her. He told her how he heard what happened to his granddaughter. Kristen broke down over losing the baby. He comforted her.

Kate talked to Roman about getting rid of Evan from Sonny’s life. She thought Will and Sonny could reunite if Evan weren’t in the picture. She wanted Roman to do a background check on him. Roman thought he might be okay. Hattie showed up and asked if there was any news about Stefano. Roman wanted him to stay away from Salem. Roman left the room. Kate had to remind her that Stefano had to be a secret. She thought Stefano would go after her. Kate texted Stefano that Hattie might not be able to keep quiet. 

Days of Our Lives 1-13-20 Recap 13th January 2020.