Days of Our Lives 1-14-20 Recap 14th January 2020

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 1-14-20 Recap 14th January 2020

Days of Our Lives 1-14-20,

JJ went to his apartment and saw Lani. He wanted her to open up about what she was going to tell him. She decided to tell him the truth. Julie and Gabi were talking and she brought up her relationship with Eli. She wanted Gabi to make a commitment with Eli. She wasn’t sure if Eli was over what Lani did to him. Chad wanted Kate to give him the shares from DiMera Enterprises. She wanted to hold on to the shares. He wanted to know if she was working with Gabi. She told him that she wasn’t. She thought about talking to Stefano. She told him that Andre gave them to her and that’s all she had left of him. She told him how she and Andre ran DiMera together. He wanted to know if Andre gave her Stefano’s ring. She thought about giving it back to Stefano. She lied to him and said she lost it.

Days of Our Lives 1-14-20 Recap 14th January 2020

Kristen and Stefano reunited. Abby arrived so Kristen helped him put on his patch. He answered the door so she wondered why he was there. He told her that he was there to find out about Stefano. She said she talked to Stefano and they missed him. Abby asked her what Kristen talked to her father about, and she told them Stefano wanted her shares. Kristen told them she turned him down. Abby was surprised by that. She said she didn’t trust her father. Abby asked her if she knew where Stefano was because she thought he was with Rolf. She believed they would be together. Kristen told her he left the country. Abby seemed happy with her answer and walked away.

Eli went to check on JJ. JJ had to help Lani hide before Eli saw him. JJ tried to get him to leave, but he didn’t get the hint. He told him that Julie wanted him to see how he was doing. Eli felt like he was hiding something. Eli walked in and thought Haley did a good job with the place. JJ didn’t want to talk so he mentioned what Lani did to him. JJ believed she broke up with him for a good reason. He thought she still loved Eli. Eli wanted to know why he thought that way. JJ believed there was another reason why Lani hurt him. Eli told him that he was over what happened with her and left. Lani overheard what Eli and JJ said to each other. She came out and JJ thought she should tell him what Gabi did. She told JJ everything that Gabi did.

Eli saw Julie and told her about his visit with JJ. Julie advised him to make a commitment with Gabi. He agreed that he should make a commitment with her. Gabi walked in the room while Eli was down on one knee. He proposed to her. She was surprised by his proposal. She said yes and kissed him. Abby talked to Chad about seeing Kristen with Steve. Kate overheard them talking. Chad was shocked that Kristen saw Stefano. They talked about Kate being up to something.


Days of Our Lives 1-14-20 Recap 14th January 2020.