Days of Our Lives 10-01-21 Recap 1st October 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 10-01-21 Recap 1st October 2021

Days of Our Lives 10-01-21,

Marlena listened to the devil while she was listening to Doug’s sessions. She flashed back to the devil telling her to invite him back into her. The devil told her he gave her a choice and she made the right one. He said he could have killed Doug, but she sacrificed her life for his. He said he was disappointed when she chose to listen to John instead of her. Doug told John that Marlena tried to kill him. John said she wouldn’t do that. Doug said he would die if he didn’t try to stop her from killing him. 

Johnny told Chad that he wanted Abby to play Marlena in the movie. Chad didn’t understand why he wanted Abby to play Marlena. Abby told Chad that Johnny wanted her to star in his movie. Chad wanted to know when the Sami Brady story turned into a story about Marlena’s possession. Johnny thought it could sell the movie. Chad wondered what Abby thought about the movie. Johnny wanted them to read the script and let him know what they thought. He thought they wouldn’t turn him down once they read it.

Days of Our Lives 10-01-21 Recap 1st October 2021

Ben shares his concerns with Tripp, while Ciara confides in Allie. John receives a dire warning. Chad is surprised when Abigail seriously contemplates Johnny’s offer. Johnny attempts to “woo” Chanel.

The devil told Marlena they were torn apart because of John. He said they were getting along well until John invited God into it. John told Doug that he and Marlena loved him. Doug said he didn’t love him if he was going to let Marlena kill him. John said he was going to get Kayla to check on him. Doug begged him not to go. 

Ciara talked to Ally about what happened on their honeymoon. Ciara told her she brought up having children and Ben wasn’t willing to do it. Allie said she understood how he felt. She said it was hard having kids. She said you have to give up things when you have children. Ciara said she understood that, but that wasn’t the only thing he said. Ben asked Tripp if it was possible to pass an evil trait on to their child.

The devil told Marlena that she would be his willing instrument. He said their first job was to get rid of Doug. He said he tried to kill Doug before, but he was stopped. He said it was time to let him back in because he had a lot of work to do. John ran into Julie while he was looking for Kayla. He said Doug said strange things. She wanted to know what he said. He said Doug told him Marlena was trying to kill him.

Chad tried to talk to Abby about work, but Abby wasn’t listening to him. He realized she was paying more attention to the script. She said she gets to be a panther in the movie. He asked her if she was seriously considering doing the movie. The devil told Marlena he would always win. She told him she wouldn’t let him do this. The devil said they had to tie up a few loose ends. He told her they had to get rid of Doug. 

Ciara told Allie that Ben thought he was going to pass his genes onto their child. Allie told her that might not happen. She told Ciara to look at Henry’s father. Ciara told her she was a great mother and everyone loved Henry. She was still concerned that Ben might be right about his genes. Tripp told Ben that his genes may pass on to his child. Abby told Chad that she wanted to do the movie. He told her she couldn’t act. She said she had time on her hands and would be able to do it.

Julie went to see Doug. He said he wanted her to believe him. She said he was going to be fine. She said everyone loved him. She told him he was going to be himself soon. The devil told Marlena that she couldn’t resist him. He said they would take care of Doug. She said she wasn’t going to let him go after Doug. He asked why she kept looking out for him. He said he would hurt Doug with or without her. She told him not to hurt Doug. He said there might be a way to avoid hurting Doug. He said she had to help him.

Allie told Ciara that she and Ben could adopt a child if Ben was concerned about his genes being passed on to their child. Allie said they could go to a lawyer when Ciara thought an adoption agency wouldn’t give Ben a child with his background. Ciara thought she and Ben would love a child whether they had one biologically or not. Julie told Doug there was no reason to be afraid. She said he was surrounded by love. She said Marlena loved him. He said that it wasn’t Marlena. Julie kept telling him Marlena was their friend and she loved him. He kept trying to tell her about Marlena, but she didn’t believe him. The devil was inside of Marlena. She ended up in Doug’s room. She hit Julie in the back of the head with a tray.

Days of Our Lives 10-01-21 Recap 1st October 2021.


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