Days of Our Lives 10-06-21 Recap 6th October 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 10-06-21 Recap 6th October 2021

Days of Our Lives 10-06-21,

Xander told Justin that and Gwen were going through with their plan to go after the judge. Justin told him that the plan was blackmail. Xander said it would help Bonnie’s case. Justin said he wasn’t going to go along with it because he was an officer of the court. Gwen went to see the judge on Xander’s case. He didn’t want to talk to her. She said Xander was the best thing that ever happened to her so she didn’t want him to go to prison for something he didn’t do. 

Justin told Xander that his plan was genius. He said getting dirt on the judge was stupid. Xander called him a prig. Justin said he was letting his girlfriend sleep with a judge. Xander said she wasn’t going to sleep with the judge. He said she was going to come on to him and make him want to sleep with her. 

Days of Our Lives 10-06-21 Recap 6th October 2021

Maggie returns home and shares sad news with Brady and Chloe. Ava gives Philip the dirt on Jake. Xander ropes Justin into his plan. Gwen plays dirty to help Xander.

Gwen told the judge that Xander was being railroaded. She said he was never dealing drugs. The judge said it was up to his lawyer to prove that. She said he had a lawyer with EJ DiMera and then the case was thrown out. She said he was the only one who had the power to get the case thrown out again. 

Gabi was upset that Ava showed up in her room with muffins. Gabi kicked her out of her room. When Ava left, Gabi told Jake that Ava was watching them. She said Ava put a nanny cam in their room. He asked if she really thought Ava would do that. She said Ava knew to come into their room just as they were about to make love. She asked who would do that. He said she would do that. She stopped him from eating the muffins. He asked if she thought they were poisoned. She said she thought they were. 

Gwen told the judge that EJ wasn’t Xander’s lawyer anymore. The judge said that EJ dropping Xander as a client wasn’t enough of a reason to dismiss the case. She said he was able to drop the case before because there wasn’t enough evidence. She said didn’t understand why he wasn’t able to dismiss the case again since he did it before. She said she would be willing to do anything to get him to change his mind.

Justin said the judge was going to be suspicious when Gwen suddenly came on to him. Xander said she was going to bring him the tape. Justin wanted to know what he was going to do with the tape. He asked if Xander was going to call the judge for a meeting and tell him. Xander said Justin would be the one that was going to meet him. Justin refused to do it. 

Xander said it was going to look like he was involved. He said Justin came to see him and Gwen that morning. He said he was there when Gwen went to see the judge. He said he could make it look as if he was the one who came up with the plan. Justin asked if he was blackmailing him. Xander said it could work out for both of them. He said he was doing it to help Justin. Justin said he wasn’t doing it for him. Xander said he could do it for Bonnie. He said he heard Bonnie was denied bail. He said her past would come up when she went to trial. 

Philip met with Ava in the park. She said she met with Angelo and he gave her some interesting information. He asked if it was enough to bring Gabi down. She said if Gabi cared about Jake it would. She said if the information got in the wrong hands, Jake could go to prison for a long long time. 

Xander told Justin to remember that he was a Kiriakis. Justin said he didn’t forget that he was one. He said the judge needed to be stopped. He said the judge was going to go after Bonnie. He said how many times did Bonnie get arrested for murder. Justin said it was in self defense. Xander said Justin the lawyer may not be able to stop Bonnie from going to prison, but Justin Kiriakis could. Xander asked him to think about the look on Victor’s face when he told him Bonnie was out of prison. 

Gwen tried to come on to the judge. She asked him if he wanted to come and see her sometime. He said he would. She asked if he understood her situation. She said she would sleep with him if he promised to let Xander go. He agreed to do it. She said she was looking forward to holding up her end of the bargain. 

Gwen told Xander and Justin that the plan worked. Philip met with Gabi in the park. She wanted to know why they didn’t meet at the office. He said he didn’t want her to cause a scene. She asked why she would cause a scene. He said he was going to fire her. Justin went to see the judge. The judge said he didn’t have any of his cases. Justin said he wasn’t there about his case. He played him the recording of him agreeing to sleep with Gwen. 

Gabi asked Philip why she was fired. He said she put the key logger on his computer. She said there was one on her computer too. He said he knew she put it there. She agreed to leave, but she was taking Gabi Chic with her. He said she wasn’t going to take the company with her. She asked why she wouldn’t. He said if she took the company, he was going to have Jake arrested for murder.

Days of Our Lives 10-06-21 Recap 6th October 2021.


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