Days of Our Lives 10-07-21 Recap 7th October 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 10-07-21 Recap 7th October 2021

Days of Our Lives 10-07-21,

Philip confronted Gabi about Jake being a murderer. She tried to defend Jake to him, but it didn’t work. She said he was a decent guy unlike Philip. He told her he was so decent that he was a hitman. She was shocked when he told her about Jake. He gave her the proof, but she didn’t want it. He said a guy named Jeff owned a bar. When he owed the Vitalli’s money, Jake took care of him. She didn’t believe it. Philip said there was a witness who was prepared to testify against him.

Ava tried to convince Jake that she wasn’t out to get Gabi. Ava said she was trying to get along with Gabi, but she was so mean to her. Jake wanted to find a way to peacefully coexist or things would end up like the way they did when the Vitalli’s had issues with another family. He said that was exactly how things were going to end up.

Days of Our Lives 10-07-21 Recap 7th October 2021

Philip gives an ultimatum to Gabi. Ava puts on an act for Jake. Gwen and Xander anticipate Justin’s freedom.

Gabi thought the witness was lying about Jake. Philip told her what happened when he killed someone. She didn’t believe Jake did it. She said Jake wasn’t a killer. He asked if Jake had ever lied to her. She said he didn’t. She said he was making everything up so he could get her company. She asked where he got the information. She realized that he got the information from Ava. 

Justin went to see the judge. He told him about Gwen’s recording. He played the recording for the judge. He said if the judge didn’t dismiss Xander and Bonnie’s cases, he was going to send the information to Jack and let him expose the information. Justin went to Gwen and Xander to tell them what happened. Xander asked if he played the recording. Justin said he did. Xander wanted to know what happened. Trask walked in and said Justin was busted for blackmailing a judge. 

Trask told Xander and Gwen that the judge was disturbed when Gwen offered herself so he contacted her about it. She said the judge did his own recording. She played the recording for them. Trask said the judge was going to punish Justin and Gwen for what they did. Gwen said she wasn’t going to actually sleep with the judge. Trask said it was against the law. She said they were all going to go down for what they did.

Jake and Ava tried to come up with a way for everyone to find peace. Gabi told Philip that Ava was the one who gave him the information. Philip said Ava was blackmailing him. He said he wouldn’t go to her for help. She asked how he got the information. He said he did a background check. She told him he fired her so she got control over Gabi Chic. He said the rules changed. He said if she signed over her company to him, he wouldn’t go to the police about Jake. If she didn’t, he would take the information to the police. He asked her if she wanted her company or her boyfriend,

Ava asked Jake how she was going to bring Gabi to the table when she was the most stubborn person on earth. He said he would tell Gabi how important it was to Rafe that they all get along with each other. He said if she talked to Rafe he would be able to get Gabi. Gabi reminded Philip that she helped him. She said he was in control of Titan because his father was taking pity out on him. He said he proved himself by running the company. She said he was able to do it because of her company. She said the products she was releasing were going to take her company to the top. While she was talking, she noticed his after shave. She realized he was working with Ava to take her down.

Justin told Trask that he wanted to talk to her. She said she thought he was one of the good guys. She was shocked that he would get involved with Gwen and Xander. Justin said he was certain the judge was dirty. She said he should have tried to prove it legally. She said she would have had an investigation going and he would have been disbarred. She said she was going to see about getting them booked. 

Xander apologized to Justin for getting him in trouble. Justin said it was his own doing that he was in trouble. He said he doubted his ability to be able to help her. He said he wouldn’t be able to get the judge to overlook Bonnie’s past and let her go. He said instead of getting her out of prison they were going to be prison pen pals. Gwen said he did it for love. Melinda came and got Justin. Xander blamed himself for what happened. Gwen said it was her stupid plan that got them in trouble.

Gabi wanted Philip to admit that he was working with Ava. She thought Ava probably made up the story about Jake. She said Ava hated her. He told her to sign over the company to him. He told her to show the file to Jake and see what he said. He said if she didn’t do what he wanted soon, he was going to take a copy of the file to the police and have Jake arrested for murder. He walked away from her. 

Gwen told Xander that she had to do something to help him. She said she had to tell her father something because he was going through this because of her. She said she was responsible for this because she lied about Abby being responsible for her miscarriage when she wasn’t. She said they were in a good place and things were going well for them. She said she was actually happy for once in her life. Trask showed up to book Gwen.

Days of Our Lives 10-07-21 Recap 7th October 2021.


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