Days of Our Lives 10-13-21 Recap 13th October 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 10-13-21 Recap 13th October 2021

Days of Our Lives 10-13-21,

The devil told Marlena that she should be proud of what she has accomplished. He told her about the things she has done for him. He told her to let go and let him take over. Chad told Abby acting together would help them get closer. She asked what would happen if she turned into a diva. He thought playing John and Marlena would be cool. He said to think about all of the times John and Marlena got back together. He said their love story was beautiful. She said they are a supercouple. 

Roman told John that he backed out of Johnny’s movie. John was happy that he backed out. John told him about the way Marlena has been acting. He said she was acting a little strange after her session with Ben. He said he didn’t tell her about Johnny’s movie. He said he wanted to protect her. Roman asked if she was worried about something else. John said she was worried about Doug and how he had to be committed. The devil told Marlena that Ben and Ciara’s child was important for the future. He said he needed the baby for himself.

Days of Our Lives 10-13-21 Recap 13th October 2021

The Devil tries to take full control of Marlena. Ciara assures Ben they made the right decision. Abigail and Chad have a major breakthrough. Eli and Lani help Paulina and Abe celebrate their engagement.

John told Roman that Marlena was upset about committing Doug. Roman offered to help them out if they needed anything. John said they didn’t need the movie out. The devil told Marlena that she was still resisting him. He said she always did everything for everyone else and never herself. He thought she would feel better if he told her what his plans were for Ben’s baby. He said he would tell her what the plans were. Chad told Abby that he was willing to take things slowly. He wanted to have a future with her. She told him there was nothing she wanted more than a future with him. He said he was willing to wait. He told her he loved her. She wanted him to stay in her room.

The devil said his plans for Marlena and Ben’s baby are going to be magical. When he was about to tell her the plan, John knocked on the door. He asked if she was awake. The devil said he was always ruining his plans. He told her to ignore John and he would go away. John asked if she was okay. He told her he was coming to be in the room. Marlena came down from her levitation. John broke into the room. He asked if she was on the phone because he heard talking. She said she wasn’t on the phone. 

John told Marlena that Johnny wanted to change his movie to the Marlena Evans story. She wanted to know why Johnny would change the movie to be about her. John said Johnny was fascinated about her past as the devil. He said Roman backed out of the movie. He said Johnny couldn’t get the money. Marlena said Johnny really wanted to make the movie. John said he could make another movie. He said Johnny wasn’t going to make that movie.

Days of Our Lives 10-13-21 Recap 13th October 2021.


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