Days of Our Lives 10-14-19 Recap 14th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-14-19

Days of Our Lives 10-14-19 Recap 14th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-14-19,Xander wanted Rolf to give Eric Sarah’s paternity test. Rolf wanted to know why Xander wanted him to do that. Xander said it would keep Sarah from leaving town. Rolf didn’t how it was going to work. Xander thought Sarah would stay in town. Kate and Roman talked about Rolf and how he was possibly responsible for her being alive. Hope thought about Rolf stabbing her with the needle.

Days of Our Lives 10-14-19 Recap 14th October 2019

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Days of Our Lives 10-14-19 Recap 14th October 2019
Days of Our Lives 10-14-19

Kate and Roman talked about Gabi giving Stefan’s heart to Julie. They wondered how Julie was going to feel knowing that she had Stefan’s heart. Hope was holding on to the rosary. John told her that he heard about Julie. Hope dropped the rosary.

Kate told Roman that she was ready to get out of the hospital. He thought she was worried about DiMera. She asked if he wanted Kristen to run it DiMera. He said Kristen was more concerned about Brady. Kate that she would run DiMera and Titan.

Hope told John that she hadn’t slept much lately. She said there was hope for Julie now. He said Marlena told him. Hope told him she kept dropping the rosary. He said it was understandable. She said she thought she heard Julie’s voice in the chapel, but she wasn’t there. He said it was understandable because she was in the chapel.

Rolf told Xander that he was losing his edge. Rolf wanted to know what was in it for him to give Xander what he wanted. Rolf said his services didn’t come cheap. Xander thought about Sarah staying in Salem. Xander told him to name his price.

Marlena talked to Eric about Sarah. Marlena told him about his feelings for Sarah. She asked if he was able to get over his feelings for Sarah. Nicole was listening to their conversation.

John and Hope talked about the rosary. She told him that Julie got it in the vatican when she went on vacation. Hope said she dropped it in the chapel. She said Rolf found it. She said Rolf was hanging around the hospital lately. John was curious too.

Rolf wanted to know how he would explain giving Eric the letter. Xander told him what he could tell Eric. Xander was willing to offer him money to do it. Rolf said he wanted something more than money.

Tony went to see Kate. He talked to her about Stefan dying. He told her that Mr. Shin called him today. Kate asked if Mr. Shin called him. He said Mr. Shin wanted him to take over as CEO. She said over her dead body.

Kate told Tony that Vivian shot her and left her in a grave. She said she wasn’t going to let Tony take her job. Tony said Mr. Shin called him and told him about the job. He said everyone knows he didn’t have any interest in running DiMera. She said he would have no problem calling Mr. Shin and turning him down.

Rolf told Xander that he wanted a lab. Xander wanted to know why he wanted a lab. Rolf said he had a top mission. John was curious as to why Hope would defend Rolf. John reminded her of what Rolf did to him as well as her. Marlena showed up and wanted to know what was going on.

Kate wanted Tony to call and turn down the job. Tony said Anna had expensive taste. Kate said Anna was independently wealthy. He said he wasn’t living off of her money. Kate said he wasn’t qualified. He said he knew something. She told him to apply for the executive training program. He said he might do that.

Xander wanted to know what Rolf was going to do. Rolf said he was going to make the world better. Rolf wanted to know if he wanted him to deliver the letter or not. When Xander agreed to his demands, Rolf was willing to do it.

Nicole confronted Eric about what he would have done if Sarah was pregnant. She said he would never walk away from the mother of his child. He said he would never walk away from the woman he loved. She said he loved Sarah and was willing to walk away from Sarah to be with her. She asked him what was to stop him from doing the same thing to her. Eric said he loved her and wanted to be with her.

Rolf asked Xander if his plan would blow up in his face. Xander said Eric was in love with Nicole that he wouldn’t want to be with Sarah. Rolf thought he might if he knew about the baby. Xander thought about Sarah telling him that he was staying in town to be with Eric.

Days of Our Lives 10-14-19 Recap 14th October 2019.


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