Days of Our Lives 10-14-21 Recap 14th October 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 10-14-21 Recap 14th October 2021

Days of Our Lives 10-14-21,

Gabi confronted Ava about giving Philip the information on Jake. Ava said it wasn’t her. Gabi said she used Jake’s file to blackmail her into making her sign over Gabi Chic. Ava asked her what she was going to do about it. Jake confronted Philip about the information he had on him. Jake said he didn’t kill anyone. He said Carmine did. Philip didn’t care. Jake told him about firing Gabi. Philip said he was fired too. Johnny told EJ that he only wanted to invest in his movie and play John in it to stick it to Chad. EJ said he wanted to help him out. Johnny said he wasn’t doing it without Chad or Lucas’ help. Chad and Abby came in while they were talking about it.

Jake told Philip didn’t care if he fired him. Philip said Titan didn’t need a murderer. Jake said he laundered money for Ava yet he was criticizing him. He said he got out of the mob while Philip needed his father to get out of trouble. Philip told him if Gabi signed over Gabi Chic, he wouldn’t go to jail. Ava told Gabi that she tried to break up her and Rafe. She said when Philip gave her the chance to get back at Gabi, she jumped at it. Ava said she wanted to make Gabi lose what she really loved. Gabi said she wasn’t going to lose Jake. Ava said she was talking about Gabi Chic. She said it would be much better as Ava Chic.

Days of Our Lives 10-14-21 Recap 14th October 2021

EJ blindsides Chad and Abigail. Jake gives Philip a warning. Gabi rips into Ava for plotting with Philip. Rafe questions Nicole about her date with EJ.

EJ showed Chad and Abby the contract about the movie deal. Chad and Abby agreed to the terms of the contract. After Chad and EJ signed the contract, Chad said they should come up with another contract. Chad said he wanted to play the part of John. Johnny asked if he wanted to play John. Chad said he told EJ that he wanted to play John. EJ said there was already a contract to play John. EJ said he was going to play John.

Chad wanted to know what EJ was trying to pull. EJ said he thought Chad would approve that he was willing to help Johnny. Chad said he was doing that to get back at him. Abby said it was wrong on so many levels. EJ said it was always about Chad. EJ said he was helping his son with his project. Chad said he could rip up the contract.

Jake said Gabi wasn’t signing over her company to Philip. Philip said they went too far when they used the keylogger. Philip said she was the one who started it. He said Jake was going to go to prison. Gabi said there was no way she was handing over Gabi Chic so Ava could run it. Ava said Jake was going to go to prison for what he did. Gabi asked her what she thought Rafe was going to do when he finds out she was trying to kick her out of her company.

Jake asked Philip if he turned to Ava because he couldn’t get Victor’s help. Philip asked why he shouldn’t have gotten her help. Jake said Ava wasn’t doing it to help him. He said Ava would throw Philip to the wolves in order to get what she wanted. Ava told Gabi that Rafe would be mad if she told him what she did, but she would have to explain how Jake was involved in a murder. Ava said to tell Rafe that she decided to give up the company. Gabi said Rafe wouldn’t believe that. 

EJ told Chad that Johnny wanted him to play John. Chad said EJ forced Johnny to go along with it. Abby said Johnny had creative control. Johnny said he needed the money. Chad said he would give him the money. EJ said he already did it. Johnny said he needed to get the movie done. He told Chad that it wasn’t personal. He said it was just business. 

Gabi said Rafe would know she was blackmailed if she signed it over to Ava. Gabi asked what she knew about Gabi Chic. Ava said Jake had as much experience as she did. Ava said Gabi realized that she won. Philip told Jake that he wasn’t naive when it came to Ava. Jake said Ava was part of the mob. Jake said Philip could end up like the other victims. Philip didn’t believe she would do that to him. Jake warned him Ava would do it.

EJ told Chad that he could play Roman in the movie. Chad tried to go after EJ, but Abby stopped him. She said it would be what EJ wanted. EJ thanked her for keeping the peace. EJ said she and Chad may have had chemistry when they were reading their lines, but the two of them had chemistry once as well. He thought they would be able to show that chemistry on the big screen.

Days of Our Lives 10-14-21 Recap 14th October 2021.


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