Days of Our Lives 10-16-19 Recap 16th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-16-19

Days of Our Lives 10-16-19 Recap 16th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-16-19,Gabi went to the hospital chapel. She talked to God. She told him that she prayed for Stefan to get better, but he didn’t. She said he was the one person who loved her and now he’s gone. She asked why God hated her so much. She said she went to church every Sunday when she was a kid. She said she lost Stefan and she lost God. Sonny and Will came in. They told her that Julie was in surgery.

Days of Our Lives 10-16-19 Recap 16th October 2019

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Days of Our Lives 10-16-19 Recap 16th October 2019
Days of Our Lives 10-16-19

Eric thought Sarah was leaving town because of him. She thought about him finding out that she is pregnant. She told him that it was the best decision because seeing him with Nicole hurts. She said wherever they ended up, they would be fine. He wanted to know what she meant by we. She said they would stay in touch.

Ben showed up while Rafe and Jordan were with David. Ben confronted her about what she did to Ciara. Ben and Jordan ended up arguing over whether she should be in a mental institution. Rafe said there wasn’t any proof that she was driving the car.

Ben said Jordan harassed Ciara in the elevator. Jordan kept denying what Ben said. Ben told Rafe to do something if he cared about Ciara. Rafe got a call from someone saying that the driver that tried to hit Ciara was a drunk driver. Rafe said the driver confessed to what he did. Rafe told Ben to stay away from Jordan.

Ciara went to see Victor. He wanted to know why she was there so late. She brought up Julie and said she wanted to see him. He thought she wanted to see him before he died.

Ciara and Victor talked about Jordan. Ciara told him about what happened between her and Jordan in the elevator. Ciara said she was afraid of what Jordan was going to do. When Ciara left the room, he called someone. He told the person that he wanted Jordan dead tonight. When Ciara came back, Victor said he would keep her safe.

Ben called Victor. Ben told him about the drunk driver that tried to hit Ciara. Ben wanted to know if he was being paranoid about his sister. Ben told him not to do whatever he was going to do to Jordan.

Nicole told Xander that she knows Sarah is pregnant. Nicole assumed Eric was the father. Xander said Sarah told him about the baby and that the father was Eric. Xander said not to tell Eric. He said Sarah didn’t want Eric to know and was leaving Salem.

Xander told Nicole that he sent Rolf there, but changed his mind. She said she wouldn’t wish Rolf on her worst enemy. He told her that Sarah could take Eric away from her. Xander said Eric and Sarah would have a bond if he found out about the baby.

Xander told Nicole that Sarah could give him a family. Xander said he would go back to Sarah if he found out. Nicole didn’t want to keep quiet. He told her to forget about the envelope.

Gabi went home and thought about Stefan. She was crying about him. She asked why Stefan gave her his heart if he wasn’t going to be there with her. She held on to his wedding ring.

Days of Our Lives 10-16-19 Recap 16th October 2019.


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