Days of Our Lives 10-18-19 Recap 18th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-18-19

Days of Our Lives 10-18-19 Recap 18th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-18-19,Ben went to see Jordan. He had a gift for David. She didn’t want to see Ben. He told her he wanted to apologize to her for telling the police that she tried to run Ciara over.

Jordan understood why Ben felt that way, but she said she was better. He said he was too. He wanted to know why she couldn’t believe he was better. She said Clyde was still in his head. Ben said he had issues but will keep getting the medication and therapy.

Days of Our Lives 10-18-19 Recap 18th October 2019

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Days of Our Lives 10-18-19 Recap 18th October 2019
Days of Our Lives 10-18-19

Ben told Jordan that he wanted to be close again. Jordan invited him and Ciara to David’s birthday party. Jordan told Ben that she missed him. She said it could be a fresh start. When Ben left, Jordan said it would be a party to remember.

Hope went to see Ciara. They were happy about Julie’s recovery. Hope had a pain in her neck. Ciara wanted to know if she was okay. Hope said she wasn’t sure. Ciara gave her some aspirin. Hope told her about how often she got the pain.

Ciara told Hope that someone tried to run her down. Ciara said the police didn’t think it was Jordan. Ciara said it was a drunk driver. Hope said she understood because she did the same thing with Ben.

Hope talked to Ciara about killing Stefano and how she’s glad he wasn’t dead. Hope said she regretted what she did to Stefano. When Hope was about to leave, she had the pain in her neck again. Ciara wanted to take her home. Hope said she was okay. Hope said she had something to do.

Kayla told Eli, Lani and Gabi about Julie’s condition. Kayla said Julie had bradycardia. It means that her heart was beating slowly. Kayla said Julie could have a cardiac arrest which happens with heart transplant patients.

Lani wanted to know how Kayla would help Julie, but didn’t want Gabi to hear it. Lani wanted to spare Gabi’s feelings, but Gabi wanted to make sure Stefan’s heart was beating. Kayla said she wanted to give Julie a pacemaker.

Gabi wanted to talk to Lani. Gabi asked if she told Eli what happened. Lani said she didn’t want to burden him. Gabi walked away. Eli said good things about Gabi. He was glad that Gabi wasn’t upset.

Eric wanted to know what Nicole wanted to tell him. She thought about talking to Xander about Sarah’s pregnancy. Nicole told Eric that Rolf was there to see her. She didn’t tell Eric that Sarah was pregnant. She told him that Kristen was pregnant. Nicole felt like it was her fault. She said Brady wouldn’t have been with her if Kristen didn’t pretend to be her.

Xander went to see Nicole. He wanted her to keep Sarah’s pregnancy a secret until she left town. Nicole said she was going to tell Eric the truth. Xander asked her if she was ready for the outcome.

Days of Our Lives 10-18-19 Recap 18th October 2019.


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