Days of Our Lives 10-18-21 Recap 18th October 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 10-18-21 Recap 18th October 2021

Days of Our Lives 10-18-21,

Melinda went to see Victor. She wanted to know what he wanted. He said he wanted to talk. She thought he wanted to talk about Xander and Justin. She told him what Xander and Justin did. She said she was going to prosecute his nephews to the full extent of the law. He asked if there was nothing for them to talk about. She said there wasn’t anything to talk about. He asked her why she was there to see him.

Xander told Justin that he felt bad for getting him involved in his situation.. Justin said he was a lawyer. He said he knew the risk of what would happen. Xander said he did it for Bonnie. Justin said he did it for Gwen. Xander said he felt sorry for Gwen. Justin said she was a prostitute. Xander said she wasn’t a prostitute. Justin wanted to know why she was being blackmailed. Bonnie wanted to know why Gwen was in prison. Gwen told her she tried to bribe a judge. Bonnie couldn’t believe she did that. Gwen said she did it because of Xander. John wanted to know what got into Marlena for why she agreed to let Johnny do his movie.

Days of Our Lives 10-18-21 Recap 18th October 2021

Marlena’s decision stuns John and Johnny. Steve gets a surprising assignment. Bonnie and Gwen become cellmates. Victor meets with Melinda to negotiate his nephews’ release.

John told Marlena that she has been exhausted since everything that happened to Doug. She wanted to know his point. He said she was allowing Johnny to write about the most personal situation of her life. She said he was being so negative. He said Johnny could write about talking dogs. She said she was going to put him in Bayview if he kept talking about talking dogs. He asked if it was a joke. The devil spoke to her to tell her that he could feel her becoming one with him. 

Gwen told Bonnie that she and Xander were trying to get the judge. Gwen said they had help. She said Xander thought it would be a good idea to have someone else take the tape to the judge. She said Justin was arrested too. Justin asked Xander what Snyder was using to blackmail her. Justin asked if that was a lie. Xander said she wasn’t on drugs. Justin reminded him about the terrible things she has done. Xander said she did those bad things because of what was done to her. Justin asked if the truth was worse than the lie. Xander said he wasn’t going to tell her. Justin said he knew what she did and would do anything to keep Jack from finding out.

Bonnie told Gwen that Justin’s friends were right. She said they told him to stay away from her. Gwen said he must really love her to do something like that. Bonnie said he loved his wife and she did something horrible to her. She said being a lawyer was everything for him. Xander told Justin to drop the subject. Justin thought Jack needed to know that Gwen lied to him again. Xander said Jack was his friend and didn’t need to know what Gwen did. Xander said as far as anyone was concerned, Gwen was a prostitute.

Victor told Melinda he didn’t care what happened to Gwen and Bonnie. He wanted Xander and Justin to go free. Melinda wanted to know what was in it for her to let them go. She said if she let them go she would be giving up two high profile cases. She said she wanted something big in order to do that. He said he knew exactly what she wanted. Marlena told John that she agreed to the movie for her. She said she didn’t like how her family didn’t want to talk about what happened to her. He said they didn’t want to upset her. She said ignoring it was upsetting her. He said he wasn’t going to allow her to go through it again. She said she was the one who went through it. He said she was still be going through it if it weren’t for him.

Bonnie was upset that Justin was arrested because of her. Gwen tried to comfort her by telling her Xander was in jail because of her. John told Marlena that he wanted to protect her. She said the devil was in her, not him. She said he would move heaven and earth to protect her, but the decision was hers. Victor wanted to see Steve because he wanted to hire him. Kayla went to John and Marlena’s place. She wanted to see Marlena. She told him she was the one who admitted Doug into Bayview. Victor wanted Steve to find Kristen. John asked Kayla if she could see Marlena later because she hasn’t been acting like herself.

Days of Our Lives 10-18-21 Recap 18th October 2021.


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