Days of Our Lives 10-2-19 Recap 2nd October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-2-19

Days of Our Lives 10-2-19 Recap 2nd October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-2-19,Julie had a request for Doug. Nicole heard Sarah ordering a pregnancy test. Nicole thought Sarah was pregnant. Nicole didn’t know that it was Kristen’s test. Nicole confronted Sarah about it. Sarah told her that Kristen said she was pregnant. She said she was running a test to make sure no one fixed it.

Hope and Eric went to Julie’s room. They talked about Eric and Nicole being together. Doug told him to cherish the moments. He said not to take it for granted. Julie said that’s how you keep a good relationship. Eric prayed for them.

Days of Our Lives 10-2-19 Recap 2nd October 2019

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Days of Our Lives 10-2-19 Recap 2nd October 2019
Days of Our Lives 10-2-19
Eric went to the waiting area and heard that Sarah was pregnant. Nicole said it was a misunderstanding. She told him about Kristen. Sarah said there was nothing to worry about with her.

Ben showed up at Rafe’s house. Jordan wanted him to leave. He confronted her about what she was trying to say to Ciara. Jordan said she couldn’t trust Ben. She said she didn’t trust his doctors either. She said people don’t change. Ben asked her about herself. She said she wasn’t like him. He reminded her about what happened to their mother. She didn’t know what he was talking about.

Ben told Jordan that she must have forgotten that she told Rafe that she caused their mother to die. She wanted him to stop mentioning it. She finally admitted that she did it and said their mother deserved it. Jordan said she was better now. He wanted to know how she was better, but he wasn’t. They got into an argument over who was worse. He told her to stay away from Ciara.

Kristen asked Vivian why she should help her hide. Vivian showed her the gun. Vivian said she tried to kill Kate twice. She said the police were after her. Kristen wanted to know why Vivian thought she would help her. Vivian said she and Rolf brought her back for a reason. Kristen said she was a way to get Stefan out of the way. Vivian told her that she wasn’t a DiMera by blood. Kristen was scared that the gun would go off so she told her she was pregnant.

Xander and Brady weren’t on the same page about Sarah’s baby. Xander thought she told him about the baby. Brady said he couldn’t trust that the baby was his so he wanted a test done. Xander figured out that he was talking about Kristen.

Xander asked Brady about the baby. Brady said he didn’t want a baby with Kristen. He said he only slept with her because he thought she was Nicole.

Sarah told Brady that Kristen was pregnant. He was upset about the baby. He said the baby was a blessing. He left to talk to Kristen. Sarah realized her baby was a blessing. She told Xander about what happened with Eric and Nicole. She said she was leaving town.

Ben went to the hospital to see Ciara. Doug thanked him for saving Julie’s life. He said he wished he got there sooner.

Brady went to see Kristen. Vivian wouldn’t let him in the room. Ben told Ciara about Jordan. She went to take a call. He was shocked when he heard screeching tires. Ciara screamed.

Days of Our Lives 10-2-19 Recap 2nd October 2019.


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