Days of Our Lives 10-21-19 Recap 21st October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-21-19

Days of Our Lives 10-21-19 Recap 21st October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-21-19,Kayla told Jack and Jennifer that Julie needed a pacemaker. Kayla wanted to wait to Hope was at the hospital before she said anything else. Hope left the DiMera tunnel with Stefano’s portrait.

Brady told Kristen that he set up a paternity test. When they left, Jack and Jennifer showed up. They talked about him making up with Abe. Jack said he was terrible. She said she forgave him. She wanted to move past it and enjoy their lives.

Days of Our Lives 10-21-19 Recap 21st October 2019

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Days of Our Lives 10-21-19 Recap 21st October 2019
Days of Our Lives 10-21-19

Eve showed up while Jack and Jennifer were talking. Eve said they were hoping she would give him the divorce he wanted. She took out the papers, but she didn’t sign them. She said she wasn’t signing the papers. She said she was going to stay in town to ruin Jennifer. He took Eve away.

Jennifer saw Hope. Jennifer thought she talked to Kayla. Hope said she didn’t. Jennifer told her about Julie’s pacemaker, but Hope didn’t pay attention. Jennifer was surprised by her reaction. Hope told her that she was with Ciara. Hope said Jordan wasn’t the one who tried to run down Ciara. Jennifer asked if Hope was with Ciara when Kayla called. Hope said she wasn’t.

Eric went home and saw Nicole and Xander together. She lied and said Xander wanted her to put in a good word for him with Sarah. Eric told Xander to stop causing trouble and made him leave.

When Xander left, Eric thought Nicole was keeping something from him. He asked if Xander was blackmailing her. She said everything was okay. Eric kept asking her about it, but she didn’t say anything.

Sarah told Maggie that she was leaving Salem because she needed a new start. Maggie tried to talk her into staying in town. Rolf showed up looking for Xander to talk about the Titan lab. Maggie wanted to know why he would do that. Rolf said Xander realized he had use for him. Maggie didn’t like it.

When Xander went to the Kiriakis mansion, Sarah asked him about Rolf. Xander said Rolf’s creation had potential. She didn’t think it was good idea. She said what Rolf did wasn’t normal. Xander asked her to be his date for Eli’s wedding. She thanked him for not telling about the baby. She said she would go to the wedding with him.

Kayla ran a paternity test on Kristen. Kristen had pain in her stomach. Kayla helped her, but it got worse. Kristen was afraid that she was losing her baby. Kayla wanted to do an ultrasound. She couldn’t find a heartbeat at first, but when she found it, she said everything was going to be okay.

Rolf saw Jennifer and Hope at the town square. Jennifer asked if Hope was okay. Rolf wanted to know too. Jennifer made him leave. Jennifer showed her the flash drive. Jennifer said she would find out what was on it.

Jack told Eve to give him a divorce. He said he would turn her in for what she did with the Salem PD. Hope went to a warehouse with Stefano’s portrait.

Jack went back to Jennifer. He told her that Eve signed the divorce papers. They kissed each other.

Days of Our Lives 10-21-19 Recap 21st October 2019.


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