Days of Our Lives 10-28-19 Recap 28th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-28-19

Days of Our Lives 10-28-19 Recap 28th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-28-19,
Julie told Eli that her heart was racing. Gabi pressed the app on her phone to make Julie’s heart race. Lani told her not to do that to Julie. Lani also asked her not to make her break up with Eli. Gabi didn’t listen to her. Gabi told her she had to break up with Eli.

Gabi stopped Julie’s heart from racing. Gabi asked if Lani was enjoying the show. Gabi said she was. Jordan asked Rafe if he was okay. She said the cupcake was meant for Ciara and not him. Jordan said she would never hurt him.

John and Marlena talked about Hope. Marlena was surprised that Hope was smoking. John said Hope was under a lot of stress. He said Hope told him that she was in the chapel and heard voices. Marlena thought that was concerning.

Gina talked to Rolf about Hope. He told her that Hope lost her job and was divorced. Gina couldn’t believe Hope thought she could take her place. She said the town was going to see the real Gina.

Lani told Gabi that she went too far. When Eli came out, Gabi asked if Julie was okay. He told her what happened with Julie, Gabi said after she gave Julie her husband’s heart, it would be a shame if something happened.

JJ and the other EMT’s showed up at Rafe’s house. Jordan told JJ what happened to Rafe. She said the cupcake he ate might have been poisoned. JJ thought that was a leap. He checked on Rafe.

Days of Our Lives 10-28-19 Recap 28th October 2019

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Days of Our Lives 10-28-19 Recap 28th October 2019
Days of Our Lives 10-28-19

John and Marlena continued to talk about Hope. Marlena said she wished that Hope didn’t start smoking. While Marlena was talking, Ben and Ciara walked in the room. Ciara asked her mother was smoking.

Gina told Rolf that she wanted to rule Salem on her own. She said she wanted to run the town without Stefano. Rolf said she always had someone with her. She said she wanted John to help her. She said she couldn’t wait to see John again.

Eli thanked Gabi for helping Julie. Gabi said that she knew what it was like to lose someone you loved. He brought up the wedding. Gabi told him that she wanted to be at the wedding. Eli said he and Lani would love to have her there. When Eli left to check on Julie, Gabi and Lani argued over Gabi wanting her to break up with Eli. Lani wanted to know what she was supposed to tell him. Gabi didn’t care what she said.

Gina told Rolf that John was the love of her life. She said Stefano took him away from her. Rolf said she was alive and well. Gina said she wanted to see John. She wanted to feel his arms around her.

When the EMT’s were about to take Rafe to the hospital, Rafe woke up. Rafe wanted to know what was going on. Jordan was happy that he was awake. JJ told him he was going to the hospital. Jordan said he didn’t have to go. JJ wanted him to see a doctor. Rafe agreed to go.

Lani told Gabi that getting revenge wouldn’t help her. Lani thought she should get help, She said Rafe helped her when she lost David. Gabi said that would make Lani feel better. Lani told her to focus on her daughter. Gabi told her not to act as if she knew what it was like to lose someone. Lani said she kept thinking about David. Gabi said Lani managed to find happiness. Gabi said Lani didn’t deserve happiness. Eli came out and told them that Julie was doing okay. He said Julie wanted to see Gabi so she could thank her.

Gina told Rolf that she was going to find John. Rolf told her that she couldn’t go after John. Rolf said John was married. Gina said she didn’t care. Rolf told her not to worry about John and Marlena. He said he had more important plans for her. When he left to get her something to eat, Gina told Stefano’s portrait and said she had plans of her own.

Gabi went to see Julie. Julie was happy to see her. Julie said their relationship has been awful. Julie thanked her for giving her Stefan’s heart. Julie offered condolences for her loss. Gabi asked her about the episode she had. They talked about the wedding. Julie said it was because of Gabi for why she could see Eli marry Lani. Julie said she owed her life to Gabi.

Lani told Gabi that she was playing a sick game. Gabi said she had Julie’s life on her app. Lani said she couldn’t do this. Gabi said she would if she didn’t break up with Eli. Lani said she and Eli went through too much together. Gabi said Lani took her husband so she was going to take hers.
Days of Our Lives 10-28-19 Recap 28th October 2019.


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