Days of Our Lives 10-29-19 Recap 29th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-29-19

Days of Our Lives 10-29-19 Recap 29th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-29-19,

John and Marlena were kissing at home while Gina was outside of their door. Marlena thought trick-or-treaters would come to their door soon. Gina flashed back to making out with John while Marlena watched them. Gina realized that she couldn’t be with John so she was about go leave when Arianna showed up. She wanted to know if Hope was a real princess because she was wearing a tiara. Hope took it off before John saw it. They went inside the townhouse. John and Marlena make a big deal over Arianna until she left. They wanted to talk to Hope about her smoking. She said she was done with smoking and gave the cigarettes to Marlena. She drank their champagne but didn’t like it. They were surprised by how Hope acted.

Ciara was curious about the bottle that fell out of Ben’s jacket. Ben came back and was disturbed that Stefano’s portrait was missing from the DiMera mansion. She asked him about the vial. He never saw it before. Haley told Rafe that he had cyanide in his bloodstream. Jordan was scared as she remembered poisoning Ciara’s cupcake. He only remembered eating what Jordan made and wondered if he was the only one who got sick. Jordan said she was okay and pretended to be shocked. JJ wanted to know if anything got mixed with the batter. Rafe didn’t think that could have happened. He was worried about Ciara. Jordan assured him that Ciara was fine. Rafe wanted her to check on David. Rafe told JJ that Jordan possibly tried to poison Ciara. JJ was going to search the house for poison. Rafe called Ciara and Ben to tell them what happened. They were surprised Jordan didn’t tell them what happened. Ciara told him about the vial. He didn’t want to accuse her of anything, but he rushed to the hospital.

Days of Our Lives 10-29-19 Recap 29th October 2019

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Rolf heard Jack and Jennifer talking about hin leaving Salem. Jennifer saw him and told him that no one wanted him around. He let her know that he had allies in Salem. Jack wanted him to disappear. Rolf mentioned how his flash drive disappeared too. He warned Jennifer that she would never find out what’s on it. He walked away from them and ran into Will, Sonny, and Arianna. He was looking for Hope so Arianna told him that she was at her grandparents house. He left to get her.

Ben went to the hospital and asked Haley to test the vial that Ciara found. He wanted to know if it’s cyanide. Ben went to Rafe’s room and they talked about the vial he brought to the hospital. Ben wanted to believe the best in her, but he thought she was still dangerous. Jordan realized that her plan didn’t work so she wanted to leave Salem. Ciara saw Will and company. They talked about Rafe being poisoned. He told her how Jordan snapped at Arianna for switching the cupcakes. Ciara realized that the poisoned cupcake was meant for her.

Rafe found Gina and wanted her to pretend to be Hope. He didn’t want her to be caught. He brought her back for his plans, but she just wanted John. JJ went to Rafe’s place and saw David. He was about to get him when Jordan snuck up behind him and hit him. He was knocked out so she left. Ben arrived and found JJ on the floor.

Days of Our Lives 10-29-19 Recap 29th October 2019
Days of Our Lives 10-29-19
Lani tries to outmaneuver Gabi.

Xander needles Nicole about Eric’s feelings for Sarah.

Ciara plays cat and mouse with Jordan.

Ben frantically searches for his sister.

Days of Our Lives 10-29-19 Recap 29th October 2019.


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