Days of Our Lives 10-3-19 Recap 3rd October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-3-19

Days of Our Lives 10-3-19 Recap 3rd October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-3-19,Ben heard Ciara scream. She said she was alright. He asked if she saw who it was who tried to kill her. She said she didn’t. He said it was Jordan. Vivian wanted Kristen to get rid of Brady or she would have shot him and the baby. When Kristen let him in, he asked who else was there. She said no one. He said it took her too long to answer the door. She said she was on the phone. He said he heard two voices. He asked if the person was hiding in the bathroom.

Days of Our Lives 10-3-19 Recap 3rd October 2019

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Days of Our Lives 10-3-19 Recap 3rd October 2019
Days of Our Lives 10-3-19
Ciara told Ben she was okay. She said she was scared. She asked if he thought it was Jordan. He said he did. Jordan showed up and wanted to know about the accident. Ciara and Ben told her that Jordan was probably the one who tried to hit her.

Kristen told Brady that no one was in her room. She said she was talking to her doctor. She wanted to know why he was there. He said he found out that she was pregnant. Vivian called Stefan and told him that she was hiding in Kristen’s room. Vivian asked him to get her out of there. He said he made arrangements for her to leave.

Sarah was upset that Xander told her that she couldn’t leave town. He apologized to her. He told her that she shouldn’t leave because of Eric and Nicole. Sarah said she couldn’t take seeing them. She said she had to put her child first. Brady told Kristen that he believed she was pregnant, but it didn’t have to be his. She asked who else could it be. He said it could be Xander’s since he liked making money. She slapped him.

Xander tried to convince Sarah not to leave town. She appreciated him caring, but she wanted to go. Kristen kept telling Brady that he is the father of her baby. He said if it were true, he would be there for the baby. He wasn’t getting back together with her. He asked if she used the baby to be with him. Lani went to Rafe’s house to question Jordan. Lani told her there was an attempt on Ciara’s life.

Brady told Kristen that she couldn’t use the baby to get him back. He left her room. Vivian told her to forget about Brady and focus on her baby. She said a man turns against you, but a child will put his mother first.

Lani told Rafe and Jordan that someone tried to run Ciara down. Jordan asked if Ciara was alright. Jordan wanted to know if Lani thought she did it. Lani said she attacked her before. Jordan said she had nothing to do with it. Lani asked Jordan about her car. Jordan said she didn’t have a car. Rafe asked Lani if Ben and Ciara identified Jordan. Rafe said it could have been anyone who did it. When Lani left, Rafe asked Jordan if she tried to run Ciara over.

Ben told Ciara that Jordan threatened to kill her because of him. He said she was a target as long as she was with him. He told Ciara what happened with Jordan. He said he was afraid that Jordan used the car to get back at him.

Sarah told Xander that there was nothing between them. He said he knew that. He said she kept him honest. She said she never kept him honest. He said she was the only person who could insult him and still feel like a friend. She said she would email him. He said he wanted the personal touch. He told her that he would go back to his evil ways. He started listing the things he would do. She asked if he did something.

Xander told Sarah that Kristen made him do things. He said he didn’t want to do them anymore. He said she helped him stay strong. He asked her to stay in town for him. Brady talked to Marlena about Kristen being pregnant. He told Marlena that he and Kristen wouldn’t be together.

Kristen told Vivian that Brady wasn’t going to abandon her. Kristen told her to get out. Vivian said she didn’t need her help anymore. Vivian asked who the other person was that the goon in

Chicago answered to. Kristen threw her out.

Marlena suggested that Brady filed for full custody. She said she and John would help him. He thanked her and left. Marlena saw Vivian walking around. Lani told Ben and Ciara that Jordan denied trying to kill Ciara. Lani told Ben that he should understand what Jordan did. Lani suggested that they stay away from Jordan.

Jordan was upset that Rafe accused her of trying to attack Ciara. He said he didn’t hear her singing to David. She said she wouldn’t leave her child alone to go after Ciara. Jordan said she needed Rafe to believe her.

Jordan told Rafe that Ben was a danger to Ciara. While Rafe was about to tell her something, David started crying. Ciara told Ben that Jordan was after her. He said he would do what it took to keep her safe.

Marlena ran into Lani. Marlena told her that she saw Vivian in the town square. Vivian tried to run away in the park. Lani found her and told her to stop. Lani told Vivian to turn around and drop her weapon, Vivian said she wasn’t afraid of her gun because she was shot many times and still there. Vivian said she wasn’t going to shoot her. Lani said she would. When Vivian pulled her gun out to shoot Lani, Stefan showed up and blocked the shot. Lani ended up shooting him instead of Vivian.

Days of Our Lives 10-3-19 Recap 3rd October 2019.


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