Days of Our Lives 10-4-19 Recap 4th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-4-19

Days of Our Lives 10-4-19 Recap 4th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-4-19,Vivan refused to drop her gun. Lani told her to put it down. Vivian said she shot Kate. Vivian said Lani wouldn’t shoot her. When Vivian was about to shoot her, Lani pulled the trigger. Stefan showed up and got shot. Vivian told her that she shot her son.

Gabi had a dream that Stefan came to her. She noticed that she had blood on her hand. Lani called for help. Vivian asked him why he stepped in front of her. He said to keep her from getting shot.

Days of Our Lives 10-4-19 Recap 4th October 2019

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Days of Our Lives 10-4-19 Recap 4th October 2019
Days of Our Lives 10-4-19
Jack went to see Eve. She said she would sue him for harassment if he was going to accuse her of something she didn’t do. He said he wanted to apologize. She said he wasn’t forgiven. He told her he was wrong for accusing her of messing up the lab. She said she didn’t do it. He said Henry Shah was the one who did it. He said he tried to kill her. He apologized to her again. She said he tried to use her. He said it was mutual. He told her about what they did in the past. She wanted to know how he knew about it. He said he got his memory back.

Lani told Vivian to put pressure on the wound. When Lani did it, Vivian got up. Lani wanted to know what she was doing. Vivian said she was doing what her son told her to do. Lani said she couldn’t leave because she was under arrest. Vivian told her to save her son. Vivian ran away.

Doug and Julie went to Doug’s Place. They talked about things in the past. There were flashbacks about their past. He put makeup on her. He told her that she was the most beautiful girl to him. Eli, Abe, Hope and Julie wanted to know where Julie was. Kayla was going to check to see if Julie checked out. Doug sent Hope a text saying that Julie was okay.

Gabi called Stefan, but didn’t get an answer. When she heard his phone ring, she thought it was Stefan. It turned out to be Vivian. Vivian told her to go to the hospital. Lani and Stefan were in the hospital. An alarm went off. Kayla told the EMT to take him to Trauma Room 2.

Eve couldn’t believe Jack got his memory back. She wanted to know how it happened. She asked if Rolf came up with a serum. Jack said it all came back to him because of his love for Jennifer.

Vivian told Gabi that Stefan was shot, Gabi asked what she did. Vivian told her that Stefan told her to leave. Gabi yelled at her for leaving him. Vivian said she couldn’t go to the hospital because she would have been arrested. Gabi got dressed and said it should have been Vivian that got shot before she went to the hospital.

Eve told Jack that she would drag out the divorce. He said she wouldn’t do that to him. She said it would serve him right. He told her not to do this to him. He said the divorce was going to happen. He said he loved Jennifer and wanted to be with her.

Abe went to Lani at the hospital. He wanted to know if she was alright. She told him what happened. She told him that she shot Stefan. She said he came out of nowhere. She said that she shot him. Gabi showed up after she said it.

Gabi was upset that Lani shot Stefan. Abe said it was an accident. Gabi asked if that was what he said when JJ shot Theo. Gabi said her husband could be dying. She said she would deal with her later.

While Doug and Julie were talking, she got weak. When he was singing to her, she talked a little. Within the time he was singing to her, she passed out. Jack went to the hospital to see Julie. He found Jennifer alone. He thought Julie was dead. Jennifer told him that she wasn’t. Jennifer wanted to know how it went with Eve. He said he tried to talk to her. Eve realized there was nothing left for her.

Hope and Eli went to Doug’s Place. Hope told Doug that they had to get her back. He said it was too late. Hope and Eli cried. Abe tried to make Lani feel better about shooting Stefan. Lani told him to go do his job for DiMera. Kayla told Gabi that Stefan was critical when he came in, She said they worked on him for 20 minutes. She told Gabi that Stefan was brain dead. Vivian was dressed as a doctor and heard what Kayla told Gabi.

Days of Our Lives 10-4-19 Recap 4th October 2019.


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