Days of Our Lives 10-7-19 Recap 7th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-7-19

Days of Our Lives 10-7-19 Recap 7th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-4-19,Eve decided to pack her things and leave Salem. At the hospital, Jennifer was concerned about Julie. Jack had a plant for Julie. He was able to tell that Jennifer was trying to stay strong.

Lani was upset. JJ wondered if she was upset about Julie. She told him that she shot Stefan. He said it wasn’t her fault that Stefan was shot. She didn’t believe him.

Days of Our Lives 10-7-19 Recap 7th October 2019

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Days of Our Lives 10-7-19 Recap 7th October 2019
Days of Our Lives 10-7-19
Kayla told Gabi that Stefan’s brain was deprived of oxygen for too long. Kayla said he was brain dead. Gabi didn’t believe it. Vivian overheard what Kayla said. She was upset. Vivian walked away. Gabi told Kayla that Kate woke up from her coma. Kayla said it wasn’t the same. Kayla said Stefan wouldn’t be back. Gabi wanted to be with Stefan alone and wanted Kayla out. Gabi told Stefan that it should have been Vivian there.

Kayla told Lani and JJ that Stefan was brain dead. Lani ran away. Jack and Jennifer showed up. They said Julie was at Doug’s Place and Julie was unconscious. Kayla went to the ER to wait for Doug and Julie.

Doug told Hope and Eli that Julie is gone. Eli checked Julie’s pulse and said she had one. Hope asked Doug to take Julie to the hospital. Doug said Julie didn’t want to die there. Hope and Eli talked Doug to take Julie back to the hospital.

Gabi yelled at Lani. Lani apologized. Lani said it was an accident. Gabi said Stefan was going to live, but she was going to make Lani pay for what she did. Lani tried to tell her what happened, but Gabi didn’t want to hear it. Gabi said Lani was there to be forgiven which wasn’t going to happen. Gabi kicked her out. When Lani wouldn’t leave, Gabi started yelling at her. Eli showed up and took Lani out.

Vivian went back to the crime scene. She thought about what happened to Stefan. Eve showed up. Vivian told her what happened. Vivian said she lost so much. She said she lost Stefan forever. Eve said she could relate. Vivian said she was leaving Salem. Eve wanted to go with her. Vivian told her to stay and get revenge. Eve liked the idea. Vivian told her to get Jack back. Eve tried to give her advice on losing a child. When Vivian left, Eve said she wasn’t finished with Jack and Jennifer.

At the hospital, Kayla told Doug, Hope and Jennifer that Julie was in a coma. Kayla said Julie wasn’t likely to wake up. Kayla said she was talking to a specialist.

Eli tries to make Lani feel better. He talked to her about Julie. He told her that she was dying soon. Kayla told everyone that Stefan was clinically dead. She said that he might be a donor for Julie. Hope didn’t want to tell Doug until it was official. Eli said Gabi wasn’t in a position to hear that right now.

Days of Our Lives 10-7-19 Recap 7th October 2019.


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