Days of Our Lives 10-9-19 Recap 9th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-9-19

Days of Our Lives 10-9-19 Recap 9th October 2019

Days of Our Lives 10-9-19,Eli went to talk to Gabi. She thought he was there to get her to forgive Lani. Gabi said she wasn’t going to forgive her. Rafe told Lani that Jordan denied trying to to after Ciara. Lani told him to think about it like a cop. Ben went to Victor to get him to take out Jordan. Jordan told Ciara that she was getting a job at the hospital.

Days of Our Lives 10-9-19 Recap 9th October 2019

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Days of Our Lives 10-9-19 Recap 9th October 2019
Days of Our Lives 10-9-19
Jordan told Ciara that Ben tried to make her think that she tried to hurt her. Jordan said she worked hard to get well so she could get a fresh start. She said Ben was lying about her. She said Ben wanted to get rid of her.

Ben said Jordan was responsible for what happened to Ciara. Victor asked if Ciara was okay. Ben said she was. He said the police said there was no evidence against Jordan. Victor asked if he wanted him to commit a crime. Ben reminded him that he tried to kill him. Ben wanted him to do the same thing to Jordan. Victor agreed to do it. Victor wanted to get rid of both of them. Ben said he wasn’t a threat to Ciara. He said Jordan was.

Rafe told Lani that Jordan was considered mentally stable. Lani said that she noticed that he and Jordan were comfortable together. He said he and Jordan aren’t involved. He said he cared about Jordan and her child. Lani reminded him that he was there for her.

When Hope was at the hospital chapel, Rolf went to see her. He said she needed his help. Brady and Kristen argued over Rolf being her obstetrician. He didn’t want Rolf near his child. She said he would be good for the baby.

Eli told Gabi what Lani did was an accident. Gabi said that the police didn’t care about what happened to the DiMeras. Gabi wanted to know why he was there. He told her that he was there for Julie. He asked her for Stefan’s heart.

Jordan told Ciara that she didn’t want Ben near her son. Ciara wanted Jordan to leave her alone. Jordan didn’t understand why everyone was willing to forgive Ben, but not her. She said Ben killed three people, while Jordan was talking, Ciara tried to get out of the elevator. Jordan told her that she broke it and was stuck with her.

Brady told Kristen that she was sorry about Stefan. She said she didn’t know him, but now she never would. She talked to him about the baby. She wondered if they were having twins. She told Brady that she was using Rolf. When she was about to leave, he said there had to be another way.

Hope asked Rolf if he was there to save Stefano’s son. He said he can only save someone with a spark of life. He said he could save Julie. Hope asked if he could save Julie. Eli told Gabi that Stefan’s heart was strong. He said his grandmother fell into a coma and might not wake up. She didn’t like what he was asking. He said what happened to Stefan was a terrible accident, but his death wouldn’t be in vain. He said it would help her heal if she did it. He said Stefan’s heart would live on. He said he was sorry to ask her to make the decision so fast. He said his grandmother didn’t have a lot of time. He said she was the only one who could save her. He asked if she would do it.

Lani told Rafe that Eli went to Gabi because Julie was running out of time. Rafe said he understood. He said he loved Hope, Ciara and Julie, but it was too much right now. He said this wasn’t the time to ask her. Eli tried to convince Gabi that she should give Julie the heart. He reminded her that she left her when she had a heart attack. She asked if he thought she owed her.

Rolf told Hope that he could extend Julie’s life. She didn’t believe him. He said she didn’t have much of a choice, but to listen to him. He wanted her to join him in his lab. He asked her what she was afraid of since he was going to help her.

Ben asked Victor if he was going to help Ciara. Victor said he would do it. Victor said people said that Ben was a changed man. Ben said that Ciara’s love changed him. He said Ciara made him a better man. Victor asked if he wanted Jordan’s blood on his hands.

Kristen said she wanted someone around her that would take care of her because she had a high risk pregnancy. She said any little thing could cause her to lose the baby. He said he would hire someone. She said she didn’t want a stranger to take care of her. She said it was usually the father that would take care of you, but he didn’t want to do it. She was about to faint, but he caught her.

Kristen thanked Brady for being there for her and the baby. He asked if she faked it Ciara told Jordan that Ben wasn’t the one who tried to kill her and run her down. She said Jordan did. Jordan kept telling her that Ben was the one who was the bad influence. Ben told Victor that he didn’t want him to kill Jordan. Ben said he loved Jordan. He asked if Victor could ship her away.

Rolf told Hope that she didn’t have any other options. He asked her if she wanted to tell her father that his wife had a chance to live. Hope asked if he could really help Julie. Rolf said faith couldn’t save Julie. He said science would save her. He said all she had to do was believe. Hope went after Rolf.

Gabi told Eli that he thought she was a horrible person. He said he wasn’t telling her that. He said he knew she had compassion for Julie. Gabi said he and Hope yelled at her. He said they were all tense then. She said when she found out what happened to Julie, she was horrified. He said they were all confused that night. Gabi said Julie was evil and hoped she died.

Eli told Gabi that Julie could be harsh. Gabi insulted Julie. She said Lani shot her husband in cold blood. She said he wanted her to cut her husband open so Julie could live. She told him no. She threw him out and told him to never ask her that again. She apologized to Stefan.

Rolf showed Hope the lab. Hope said she had to meet her daughter. He said it wouldn’t take long. Jordan reminded Ciara that Ben killed three people with the same hands that touched her. Ciara said Ben changed. Jordan said she better hope so.

Victor told Ben that Jordan had a child. Victor asked if David should be relocated. Ben said Jordan didn’t need to raise a child. Victor said things could get messy. He said he had to do what it took to keep Ciara safe. Victor wanted to know if Ben could live with himself if Jordan died.

Brady told Victor that he had bad news for him. Kristen came in and said she was moving in. Hope told Rolf that she wanted to make sure the serum he had was safe for Julie. Hope wanted to ask Kayla about it first. He told Hope it was for her. He injected her with the serum.

Days of Our Lives 10-9-19 Recap 9th October 2019.


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