Days of Our Lives 11-01-21 Recap 1st November 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 11-01-21 Recap 1st November 2021

Days of Our Lives 11-01-21,

Nicole went to see Abe. She talked to him about her divorce. He asked if they were going to work things out. She said they weren’t. She said they weren’t meant to be together. She said she realized that Eric didn’t want to be married. She said he missed being a priest and wanted to do his work. She said she wasn’t saying the divorce was his fault. She said she was trying to move on. She told him she was dating EJ. Abe was shocked. She said she knew he didn’t like him. Abe said he didn’t think she liked him either. She said he helps her move on with her life. She said he helped her get over the man she wanted. He wanted to know who it was. She said he would approve of him.

Gabi told Rafe that Ava was the one who was working with Carmine. She couldn’t believe he didn’t go after her. He said he couldn’t get through to Ava. Gabi was shocked that he wouldn’t try harder to go after her. He said he was trying to find Carmine. She told him that AVa would know where he was. Carmine threatened to expose Ava if she didn’t help him get out of trouble. She told him not to threaten her. He said he would have been scared of her before, but he wasn’t now. 

Days of Our Lives 11-01-21 Recap 1st November 2021

A possessed Marlena raises former residents of Salem from the dead. Ava has a scary encounter. Jake and Gabi plead his case to Rafe. Nicole catches up with Abe.

Gabi told Rafe that Ava helped Carmine get away. Rafe thought it was a big leap. She said Ava and Philip started the Carmine thing. Rafe wanted to know why Ava would do that to her. Gabi said Ava wanted Gabi Chic. Jake said Gabi was telling the truth. Rafe wanted to know why she was just not telling him about it. She said she didn’t think he would believe her if she told him. He asked why Philip would go after her. She said he wanted to take over Gabi Chic. Rafe told her she wasn’t telling the truth. He wanted to check on Abe. 

Marlena raised Charlie from the dead. She told him to go to Allie. Marlena went to Nick’s grave. She knew what she had to do. Carmine said he knew what he was going to do with her. He was going to strangle her. When he was about to strangle her, Charlie stabbed him. He told her he was back. She was shocked to see him.

Ava told Charlie that he couldn’t be there because he was dead. He said he was undead. He said Carmine was dead too. He asked if she loved him. She said she told him she loved him when he died. He said she didn’t love him. He said she only cared about Tripp. She kept saying it was a nightmare. He said she was going to live the way he has been living. He grabbed a knife and was going to stab her. She pushed him out of the way and ran out of the house.

Abe asked Nicole if the man she was interested in was someone he knew. She said he was. He wanted to know who it was. Before she could answer him, Rafe came into the room. Rafe wanted to ask him some questions. She left them alone so they could talk. Gabi was furious with Rafe for not going after Ava. Jake said Rafe loved her. He said it was his fault that Carmine was out. He said he had the knife which made him shoot Abe. 

Marlena brought Nick back from the dead. She thought he was handsome. She kissed him. He asked if that was why she brought him back. She asked what he would do if she were to bring him back from the dead for one day. He said he would avenge his death. She said he could do that. He said he thought she liked her. Marlena said she liked her when she was doing her bidding. 

Rafe wanted to ask Nicole some questions. He said he had reason to believe that the woman he was living with got Abe shot. He asked her if Ava made her think that she didn’t give up the mob life. Nicole wanted to know what made him think that. He said Gabi did. He felt that Gabi was telling him the truth. He asked if he was being a fool all of this time. Nick wanted to know if Marlena wanted him to kill Gabi. She said she wanted him to do it. She said she needed one more person to make the circle complete. 

Marlena brought Deimos back from the dead. He wanted to know what she wanted him to do. She said she wanted him to do evil. She wanted him to go after Nicole. She said Nicole used to be one of hers, but she changed when she dated Eric. Marlena said Nicole never paid for what she did to him. He said it has been a long time. She told him to go after Nicole. Nicole told Rafe that Ava never indicated to her that she was still involved with the mob. Rafe asked if she heard from Philip. She said she didn’t. Rafe thought Gabi might have been lying. Nicole said she hoped Gabi was lying.

Days of Our Lives 11-01-21 Recap 1st November 2021.


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