Days of Our Lives 11-03-21 Recap 3rd November 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 11-03-21 Recap 3rd November 2021

Days of Our Lives 11-03-21,

Tripp walked in Allie’s apartment and found Charlie holding Allie. Charlie wondered if Ava told him that he was there. Tripp told him to let her go. Charlie said he had his chance to do something about Ava always choosing Tripp over him. Shawn went to see Ava. She asked if he found Charlie. Shawn wanted her to tell him the facts. She said she told Eli the facts. He said to tell him too. She said she didn’t kill Carmine. She said Charlie did. He said Charlie was dead. 

Gabi found Jake in a coffin in the ground. She told him to wake up. She used CPR on him to get him to wake up. He wanted to know what happened. He asked if he was in a coffin. She asked if he was okay. He said he was. He wanted to know what was going on. She said she saw what she saw and she still didn’t know what happened. She asked if he remembered. He told her he was going to lockdown and someone grabbed him from behind. She said Nick came after him because of her. He asked if Nick was the guy he killed.

Days of Our Lives 11-03-21 Recap 3rd November 2021

Nicole and Rafe give into their desire. Eli questions Philip about his involvement with Carmine. Gabi frantically tries to save Jake’s life. Tripp and Allie battle a terrifying foe.

Rafe told Nicole that Deimos wasn’t in the office. She said Deimos was dead on the floor with a pair of scissors in him. She asked if Rafe believed her. He asked her to tell him what happened. She said Deimos was there and she stabbed him with a pair of scissors. She said he was right there. She asked if he believed her. He said the body wasn’t there. He said there was no blood on the knife. She said she was so scared. He said Deimos had a lot of enemies. He wanted to know why Deimos would go after her. She said he wanted revenge. He wanted to know why he would want revenge on her.

Rafe wanted to know why Deimos wanted to kill Nicole. She said it was because she turned him down. Rafe didn’t believe that was why she killed him. Shawn asked Ava about Carmine being dead. He accused her of having something to do with it. Eli went to see Philip about Carmine. Philip acted as if he didn’t know what was going on. Eli said Carmine was in town because of him. He asked when was the last time he saw Carmine. Philip flashed back to him and Ava talking about keeping Carmine quiet. Philip told Eli that he should talk to Jake about Carmine.

Jake told Gabi that she killed Nick. He asked how Nick was alive enough to try to kill him. She said he was dead and buried up until tonight. She said he was walking around like he was alive. Jake thought it was crazy. Nick showed up and said he should have left well enough alone. He said they were going to have to do it all over again.

Rafe told Nicole that he thought Ava might have had something to do with what happened to Carmine. He said Gabi told him that Ava wanted to take over Gabi Chic. Nicole couldn’t believe Ava would do that. He said he couldn’t either. He said Ava was pretending to be nice to Gabi so she could get her hands on Gabi Chic. Tripp and Charlie argued over Charlie dying. Charlie said Tripp could have rescued him. Charlie wanted to take Tripp back with him.

Nick told Gabi he wanted to pay her back. There was a flashback to Gabi killing him. He said he was going to kill Jake since she tried to kill him. He said it was an even trade. Nick told Jake he was going to kill him. While Nick’s back was turned, Gabi hit him with a shovel. Gabi checked Nick’s pulse. He was dead. Gabi and Jake put him in his coffin. Jake wondered how Nick got out of his grave. She said she didn’t have any idea.

Eli told Philip that Jake escaped from jail. He said Jake might have had help. Philip said Gabi busted her boyfriend out of jail. He said he was glad he fired him. Eli warned him that he may be getting asked more questions about Carmine. Philip said he wasn’t leaving town. Nicole told Rafe that she couldn’t believe Ava would be mixed up with Carmine. Rafe said Gabi wasn’t off the hook because Jake escaped from jail. 

Rafe told Nicole that he wanted to be the man for her. He said he wasn’t going to stop seeing her. While they were talking, they kissed each other. Ava told Shawn that she wanted to talk to Rafe. Shawn called Rafe for her. Rafe didn’t answer the phone. Allie stopped Tripp from attacking Charlie. When they looked at the couch, Charlie was gone.

Days of Our Lives 11-03-21 Recap 3rd November 2021.


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