Days of Our Lives 11-1-19 Recap 1st November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-1-19

Days of Our Lives 11-1-19 Recap 1st November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-1-19,
Jordan dressed up as a nurse to get Claire out of Bayview and cause trouble. Ben wanted to go see Victor. Will went to Ben’s place. He saw one of Ben’s ties. Will asked Ciara if she was afraid that Ben would kill her in her sleep. She said she wasn’t. She said Ben had love to give. Will said Ben had violence to give too.

Maggie overheard Victor tell Ben that his men were going to kill Jordan. Maggie interrupted and said they weren’t. She said to let the police deal with it. Maggie asked Ben to be with Ciara.
When Ben left the Kiriakis mansion, Maggie agreed with Victor. She said he should have killed Jordan. Maggie called her a menace. She said Jordan insulted her lemon bars.

Tony went to John and Marlena’s place. Tony told them he killed Anna. Marlena wanted to know why he would do that. She said he loved Anna. Tony said he was actually Andre.

Andre told John about an accomplice. Marlena hit John on the head with a bat. Andre called her the Salem Stalker. Marlena smiled at him.

Jordan and Claire interrupt JJ and Haley while they were making out. Jordan and Claire had knives. They asked where David was. They both said they didn’t know. Claire killed Haley. She stabbed JJ too.

Days of Our Lives 11-1-19 Recap 1st November 2019

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Rafe was upset that he trusted Jordan. She showed up and said the cupcake wasn’t meant for him. She said it was for Ciara. He said that didn’t make it okay. He said she needed help. She said she loved him. She wanted to start over. He wasn’t sure. They started kissing. He said he wasn’t feeling well. She used the poison in her lipstick. She said it was the kiss of death. Rafe ended up dying.

Claire went to see Maggie and Victor. Claire said she was released from the hospital. Claire said she wanted to sign up for Titan executive training program. Victor said she couldn’t. He said Ciara had the last spot, but she could try next year.

Claire said Ciara takes everything from her. Maggie offered her tea and a lemon bar. Claire said she hated lemon bars. Maggie slapped her. Claire shoved Maggie on top of Victor and injected her with a syringe. Victor said she was dead. She injected Victor too.

Marlena went to Ben’s place. Ciara pulled a gun out when Will let Marlena in. Ciara put the gun away. Ciara went to make tea. Marlena grabbed the tie and strangled Will. Ben came back and saw Will. Ben called out for Ciara. Marlena said Ben killed Will. Ben thought Jordan had Ciara and left. When Andre showed up, Marlena shot him in the head.

Ciara went to John and Marlena’s place. She called out to John to open the door. She found him dead on the floor. She grabbed the bat and left.

Claire and Jordan went to the DiMera mansion to dig graves. Jordan was ready to kill Marlena. Marlena called them amateurs. Marlena said she was proud of her granddaughter. Marlena told them that she had more bodies for the grave.

All of the bodies (including Ciara’s) was there. Ben showed up and saw Ciara. Claire and Marlena said Jordan was the killer. Ben killed Jordan. Ben woke up from his nightmare. He told Ciara about the dream.

Days of Our Lives 11-1-19 Recap 1st November 2019
Days of Our Lives 11-1-19
Next, Lani makes a heartbreaking decision.

Days of Our Lives 11-1-19 Recap 1st November 2019.


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