Days of Our Lives 11-10-21 Recap 10th November 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 11-10-21 Recap 10th November 2021

Days of Our Lives 11-10-21,

Paulina told Abe that they should put off the wedding. He said he didn’t want to. She thought they should. He wondered if she was calling off the wedding because she didn’t want to marry him. Paulina thought about Marlena telling her to tell Abe the truth about Lani. Ben and Ciara talked about Susan’s premonition about the baby. Ciara thought Susan might have been off her game. She said Susan was able to help him find her, but this time her vision could be off. Ben thought the vision might have been about somebody else. She asked who would want to hurt their baby.

Marlena asked Susan if she thought she was an evil presence. Marlena said it was ridiculous. Susan said it wasn’t. Marlena asked how she thought she could hurt Ben’s baby. She said they were friends. Susan said she wasn’t her friend. She said she and Marlena were friends, but she wasn’t friends with him. She said he was the devil incarnate.

Days of Our Lives 11-10-21 Recap 10th November 2021

Susan makes a horrifying discovery. Ben and Ciara share an awkward reunion with Theo. Paulina suggests to Abe they postpone their wedding. Chanel realizes her mother lied to her.

Paulina told Abe she wanted to marry him. She asked how he could say that. He said she kept trying to postpone the wedding. She said it was because of his health, not because she didn’t want to get married. He said he was fine. He said he was shot. He said it taught him not to take anything for granted. He said she was his life. He said next week he wanted to stand up in front of their family friends and marry her. He said there was nothing he wanted to stand in the way of that unless she didn’t want it. She said she wanted the same thing. He said she didn’t sound happy. She said she was. He said she was going through a lot. She said she had an errand to run.

Ben told Ciara that Susan helped try to find her when he thought she was dead. He said she didn’t stop until they tried to find her. Shawn and Belle came over to celebrate the good news. Belle asked if Ciara was having morning sickness. Ciara said she wasn’t. She said Kayla said it could come later. Shawn asked if there was something wrong. Ciara told them Susan came over and scared her. 

Marlena told Susan to calm down. Susan told her that she wasn’t Marlena. She said she wasn’t a person. She said she was a thing. Marlena asked if she thought she wasn’t Marlena. Susan said she knew she wasn’t. Marlena turned into the devil. He said he dealt with people like her before that thought they could best him. He said her powers couldn’t compare to his. He said he was going to unleash the full force of his powers and there was nothing she could do to stop him. 

Belle told Ciara that Susan shouldn’t have scared her. Ciara said she wasn’t trying to scare her. Ben said Susan knew that Ciara was pregnant without them telling her. Shawn said Susan could have made it up. He said you couldn’t trust her because she had Will thinking he was EJ for years. Belle said Susan was vague with her premonitions. Ciara said Susan was going to keep going until she found out who was after their baby. Ben said they shouldn’t keep talking about it. Belle asked if she was going back home. Ben said Susan put her hand on Ciara’s stomach and knew the baby was in danger. He said he went to Marlena and she came over. Ben thought Marlena would be able to get through to Susan.

The devil told Susan to put her phone away. Susan pulled out a cross. She told him that he wouldn’t be able to hurt her. The devil asked if she carried a cross. She said she has packed it ever since Ivan and Vivian were around. She said she was more powerful than he was. The devil took the cross from her. He said she shouldn’t have tried to take on the devil. Susan ended up passing out. Paulina knocked on the door. The devil was upset that she was there.

Paulina went to see Marlena. Paulina told her that she had to keep her secret. She said she couldn’t tell Abe that he wasn’t Lani’s father. She said she couldn’t do that to Lani or Abe. Marlena said it wouldn’t be easy. Paulina said Lani loves her father and needs him. She said she couldn’t do that to Lani. Marlena said it wouldn’t be up to her. While they were talking, Paulina heard moaning. She asked what that noise was.

Marlena wanted to know what Paulina was talking about. Paulina said she heard a sound. She said it sounded as if someone was groaning. She looked behind the couch and was shocked. Shawn asked Belle if she thought her mother would talk Susan into going back to Memphis. Belle said she hoped so. Ciara told Shawn she and Ben weren’t going to worry about the news. They celebrated Ciara being pregnant. Marlena told Paulina the noise she heard was a cat. Paulina said it sounded as if it was in pain. Marlena said she was going to have to put her down. 

Paulina told Marlena that she changed her mind about telling the truth. Marlena said she should reconsider. Paulina asked if she was going to say anything. Marlena said she wasn’t going to say anything, but she was still going to officiate the wedding. Paulina was glad that she was going to officiate it. She said she was sorry about the cat before she left. Marlena said there was more work to do there.

Days of Our Lives 11-10-21 Recap 10th November 2021.


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