Days of Our Lives 11-12-19 Recap 12th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-6-19

Days of Our Lives 11-12-19 Recap 12th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-12-19,

Jack let Jennifer know that she was in a coma for a year. He showed her the hour glass where he marked the time that she came back to him. He thought about turning over the hour glass every time the sand went out. He thought about the things he did for her.

Jack went to call JJ. Jack told him about Jennifer. When JJ got off the phone, he took some pills. He went to the hospital.

Days of Our Lives 11-12-19 Recap 12th November 2019

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Sarah played with her child. She couldn’t believe she was going to leave Salem last year. She thought about Eric finding out she was pregnant. Eric came in the room. They gushed over the baby. Xander came in the room. Eric left. Sarah told Xander that she felt guilty. He said he was the one who made it happen. He thought about telling Eric that the baby was his and not Eric’s.

Sarah thought about Eric asking her for the truth. She said Xander was telling the truth. Eric wanted to know how she was sure. She said she wasn’t pregnant when he left to look for Nicole.

Sarah thought about Rolf doing a fake paternity test. She said she felt safe. Xander said she was safe except for Nicole and her conscience. Sarah was glad that he has been there for her when she needed it.

Ben had a nightmare in jail about the person who died in his place. He told his cellmate sorry. He couldn’t believe that she was gone. He said he lived the nightmare every day. He said she was strangled with her own scarf. He thought about Ciara coming home as he took the scarf away from Jordan’s dead body.

Ben thought about telling Ciara that he found Jordan. He said he couldn’t do that to Jordan. Ciara believed him. Ben told his cellmate that he was the only suspect the police had. He thought about Ciara telling him to tell the police that day. He said he was locked up, but innocent. In the top bunk, Will said that was what they all said.

Jack watched JJ and Abby reunite with Jennifer. Abby told Jennifer that she has been in town for a few months. Jack told Jennifer how she fell from the balcony after their wedding. She thought someone pushed her. Jack said the person was in prison.

Kayla told someone that Jennifer woke up. She said they would celebrate over dinner. She told the person that she loved him. JJ went to the chapel. He wished that Haley was back. He looked at her memorial plaque.

Nicole thought about Eric questioning her about Sarah’s pregnancy. Eric told her that he saw Sarah’s baby. He said he couldn’t believe it was Xander’s baby. Nicole thought about Xander showing her the fake paternity test. He told her not to say anything. Nicole said she felt guilty. Eric wanted to know why. She said she couldn’t give him a child. He said not to feel guilty. She was the love of his life. He said they had the perfect family with Holly.


Days of Our Lives 11-12-19 Recap 12th November 2019
Days of Our Lives 11-12-19
Next, Gina has a run-in with Rafe; Kayla and Haley work to save Jennifer’s life, and Julie is stunned when Eli tells her what happened at the wedding.

Days of Our Lives 11-12-19 Recap 12th November 2019.


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