Days of Our Lives 11-13-19 Recap 13th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-13-19

Days of Our Lives 11-13-19 Recap 13th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-13-19,
Ciara went to see Ben at the prison. She said she lied to her grandfather about being over Ben so Victor would let down his guard. She said she would prove that Victor killed Jordan. Ciara wondered if Xander killed Jordan so he could be CEO. Ben didn’t think so. He said he had one more appeal. She said she wasn’t going to let him get executed. Their time was up.

Days of Our Lives 11-13-19 Recap 13th November 2019

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Xander and Nicole talked about keeping Sarah’s secret about the baby from Eric. Nicole said the guilt was getting to her. Brady walked in and wondered what was going on. Xander said they were talking about a venture with Titan and Basic Black. Brady wasn’t interested. Xander understood because of what happened.

Brady thought about Victor giving Xander the CEO position. Brady said DiMera wouldn’t go along with the idea. Xander told Nicole to change his mind. When Brady was about to leave, Nicole tried to comfort him because he was hurting. He was grateful for her friendship. Maggie interrupted them to tell him about the AA meeting. She said she loved and missed him. He said he missed her, but he had to move out.

JJ went to the pub and told Eric and Roman about Jennifer. When Roman went in the back, Eric noticed something wasn’t right with JJ. JJ said he was okay. Eric asked if he was high. JJ was upset. Eric said he knew the signs. Eric told him to talk to someone, but JJ refused.

Chad and Abby talked about how much she helped her father by helping him care for himself while he took care of Jennifer. They went to have sex. When they were done, he said he was keeping something from her.

Xander went to the Kiriakis mansion. Xander and Victor talked about Ciara breaking up with Ben. Ciara came home and heard their conversation. She heard Xander say he did a big favor for Victor that must be a secret.

JJ met Eric at the Horton Center for the AA meeting. JJ said Eric was right about him. Maggie saw JJ and told him she was happy about Jennifer. She said she was sorry about his loss. Brady showed up. JJ attacked him. Eric stopped them fighting.

Maggie took JJ away. Eric and Brady talked about Nicole being Brady’s friend. Eric was glad that they were friends, but they haven’t seen each other for a while. Brady said things have been hard.

At the meeting, Maggie admitted to drinking again a year ago. Brady called himself and addict. He said it had been six months since he was there. He said he was about to be a father again and was about to be happy with the mother of his baby. He said he thought about drinking. He said he hurt people he loved. He said he never had so many regrets and never wanted to drink so much as the night his baby died.

Days of Our Lives 11-13-19 Recap 13th November 2019.


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