Days of Our Lives 11-14-19 Recap 14th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-14-19

Days of Our Lives 11-14-19 Recap 14th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-14-19,
Chad told Abby that he had to tell her something that he was keeping from her. Abby wanted to know what happened. When he was about to tell her, Gabi walked in the room. Gabi reminded them that they were guests in her house.

Abe asked how Eli was. Eli said he was okay. Eli said he left his job because of Lani. He said he couldn’t work with her after what she did to him. Abe understood how he felt. He said Lani was gone now. While Brady as talking at the AA meeting about losing his child, JJ stood up and told him to shut up.

Days of Our Lives 11-14-19 Recap 14th November 2019

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Eli told Abe that he moved on by the time Lani left. Abe said there was always a place for him at the Salem PD. Abe said he was a fine detective. Eli asked why he couldn’t figure out why Lani dumped him.

John talked to Roman about the problems he and Marlena have been having. John said he and Marlena haven’t been connecting lately. Roman said it hard dealing with Will being in prison for killing Adrienne.

Gabi told Abby and Chad that she wanted to get Arianna’s doll when Abby wanted her out. When Gabi left the room, Abby told Chad that she couldn’t stay in the DiMera mansion after what Gabi did to them. He said they couldn’t leave the mansion.

When JJ was about to take pills, Eric showed up and wanted to know if he was okay. JJ told him that he didn’t want to go to that meeting. JJ insulted Brady. Eric said he understood what he was going through. JJ said he didn’t. JJ told him to leave him alone. JJ punched him.

Abe told Eli he didn’t know why Lani left him. Eli said she burned him in front of his family and friends. He said all he got were words and tears that didn’t make any sense. Eli asked how Lani was. Abe said he hadn’t heard from her, but her mother said she was okay.

Abby asked Chad why they couldn’t leave. She said they could go back to Paris. He said he would love to leave, but he couldn’t. She wanted to know why. He said the secret he was keeping from her had to do with Stefano.

JJ apologized to Eric for hitting him. John wanted to know what was going on. John wanted to help him. John asked what was going on. JJ said it was about his son. Brady talked to Maggie about falling in love with Kristen. He said he tried to fight his addiction for Kristen, but he was wrong.

Eli turned out to be working for Gabi. He told her that he hasn’t found Lani, but he hasn’t given up. Gabi said she wanted to focus on Stefan’s other family. She told him about Chad and Abby. Chad told Abby that he was instant messaging him. She asked if that was why he was always putting away his laptop when she would see him on it. She said he couldn’t be sure it was Stefano. Chad said he thought it was him.

Chad told Abby that he had doubts that it’s Stefano. Chad said the person knew everything that they did. Abby said did Stefano say what he wanted. Chad said Stefano wanted him to take care of Gabi. Gabi told Eli that she knew Chad what was up to something. Gabi said Chad and Abby had reasons to take her down.

John told JJ he would be there for him. John told him that he hoped he got the help he needed. John said he was a good kid. When John left, JJ apologized to Eric again. Eric understood. JJ said he wanted to hit Brady. JJ said Haley was his life and she was gone. He said he missed her. Eric wanted to take him to a different meeting or they could talk. JJ said he wanted to be alone.

Chad told Abby that he wasn’t going to forget what Gabi did. He said that he and his father were going to work hard to get back at Gabi. He said they were going to get Gabi back for every tear Abby shed because of her.

Gabi said she hoped Eli had a plan. Gabi wanted to know what was going on with him when he wasn’t listening to her. He said he ran into Abe. He said he was worried about Lani. Lani ended up being a nun in a church.

Lani thought about when she and Eli broke up. Gabi said she was sorry for what happened. She said if Lani were here, she wouldn’t be able to do something. She ended up kissing him. Abby asked Chad if she could trust Stefano. Chad told Stefano that they couldn’t talk anymore unless he saw his face.

Brady apologized to JJ. Brady said he didn’t mean to upset him. He said he was sorry for bringing up Kristen. JJ asked if he knew what he was sorry for. JJ said sorry didn’t make up for Kristen killing Haley. He said Haley was dead because of Kristen. He said he would never forgive Kristen or Brady.

Another nun joined Lani in the church. Lani told her that she was thinking about Eli again. The nun turned out to be Kristen. She said they could pray together.

Days of Our Lives 11-14-19 Recap 14th November 2019.


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