Days of Our Lives 11-15-19 Recap 15th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-15-19

Days of Our Lives 11-15-19 Recap 15th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-15-19,
Kristen and Lani bonded over losing a child. Kristen said she didn’t see a life for herself out of the convent. Kristen said she couldn’t get over losing a child, but Lani could.

Kristen asked Lani about leaving Eli at the altar. Lani said Eli and the people he loved would have suffered if they got married. Kristen said they haven’t taken their final vows yet. Kristen told Lani that she had to be ready to commit to God. Kristen said she had to confess her truth. Lani said her sins didn’t compare to Gabi’s. Lani hoped Gabi burned for what she did.

Days of Our Lives 11-15-19 Recap 15th November 2019

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Eli and Gabi made out at the DiMera mansion. She said she didn’t think he would get over Lani. He said he was sorry for taking so long to get over Lani. He said Gabi took a while to get over Stefan’s death. She said it was Stefan’s murder. Eli said it was an accident. He said Lani is different from what he thought.

Eli told Gabi that he didn’t understand why Gabi dumped him at the altar in front of his family and friends. Gabi thought about when she forced Lani to dump Eli. Gabi told Eli that she didn’t know why Lani dumped him. He said he was happier with Gabi. He said good riddance to Lani. Gabi locked the door so they could make love.

John and Gina talked about how much he missed Marlena. He thought about telling Gina about Marlena’s job offer. He said she didn’t want to take it because they didn’t want to be apart. Gina said Marlena wanted the job. Gina guilted him into letting Marlena take the job. When John walked off, Gina called someone and told them she would give them the money when Marlena took the job.

Gina thanked John for letting her stay with him after her house flooded. They talked about not being able to get in touch with Marlena. He said he understood, but she could have sent him a letter. Gina thought about taking the letters John and Marlena wrote to each other.

Gina told John that it has been a while since she has been with someone. He said she was too beautiful to be alone. He said if he were single…he stopped himself from finishing his comment. When he left to check on the food, she decided to push things along. She spilled wine on her shirt. She took it off. When he came back, she had her bra on. Marlena walked in and saw them together.

Brady told JJ that Kristen was in pain when she did what she did. JJ wanted to know where Kristen was. Brady said he didn’t know where she was because she didn’t leave a note or say goodbye. JJ said he hoped she was suffering wherever she was since Kristen pushed Haley down the stairs.

Brady said he wouldn’t try to make what Kristen did seem like an accident. Brady apologized to JJ. Brady told JJ to call him if he needed him. When JJ looked at a picture of Haley. He said he was going to find Kristen and make her pay.

Days of Our Lives 11-15-19 Recap 15th November 2019.


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