Days of Our Lives 11-15-21 Recap 15th November 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 11-15-21 Recap 15th November 2021

Days of Our Lives 11-15-21,

Kristen told Gwen that she was going to help her or she was going to lose Xander. Gwen said Kristen was in trouble. There was no way Kristen would be able to help her. Kristen said she had news that would make Xander happy. Gwen wondered what news she could have for Xander that would make him happy. Kristen said she could tell him where his true love Sarah is. Gwen was shocked. 

EJ and Nicole talked about the things he has gone through. She asked him if it was weird not wearing his wedding ring. He said it was liberating. She didn’t believe him. She said she had a ringside seat to his love/hate relationship with Sami. He said the relationship was over. He said it would be funny if they moved on from their relationships with Eric and Sami by being with each other. He pulled her into a kiss.

Days of Our Lives 11-15-21 Recap 15th November 2021

The Devil tries to corrupt John and Marlena’s love. Kristen drops a bombshell on Gwen. Xander enlists Maggie’s help. EJ gets hot and heavy with Nicole.

Xander told Maggie that he was in love with Gwen. Maggie said she wasn’t happy that he was in love with her. She reminded him about the things she has done to Abby. He said she changed. He said finding out who her father was changed her. Gwen told Kristen that Sarah cheated on Xander and left town with her lover. Krisen told her about being the mistress of disguise. She told Gwen she pretended to be Sarah. 

John told evil Susan that he wouldn’t cheat on Marlena for anyone, especially Susan. She turned into Kristen. The double Kristen reminded him of their true love. Marlena woke up and saw Kristen. She told him to fight for them. He said he was going to fight for their love. Kristen said he would fall for her if Marlena was gone. Kristen said Marlena was going to disappear.

EJ wanted to make love with Nicole, but she told him she couldn’t do it. He said they were both single. She said she would feel like more of a slut than she already did. Kristen told Gwen how she made it look as if Sarah cheated on Xander with Rex. Kristen also told her how she was letting Sarah stay in touch with Maggie so she wouldn’t be suspicious. Kristen said Sarah wasn’t the one who dumped Xander. She said she was going to tell Xander the truth about Sarah. 

Xander told Maggie that he would like Gwen once she got to know her. Maggie said she doubted it. He said she was the first person who believed in him. She said she wasn’t the first person who believed in him. She said Sarah was. He said she was, but she left him for Rex. Gwen told Kristen that she was lying about what she did. Kristen said she might be, but Xander would be happy to know that she didn’t betray him.

John told the double Kristen that she wasn’t the real Kristen. She said she was his Kristen. She reminded him about the things Kristen has done. She started kissing him on the back of the neck. EJ asked Nicole how she would be a slut if they had sex. He said his divorce may not be final, but it may as well be. He asked her when was the last time she had sex besides the night she had with Xander. She said she had sex on Halloween. 

Nicole told EJ that she was upset with herself for making love with someone who was involved with someone she knew. He told her these things happen. She said she didn’t remember him feeling this way when Sami cheated on him. He said she was right. He assumed the man she slept with was Xander. She said it wasn’t Xander. She said he was a good man who has principles. She said the man hated EJ. EJ realized it was Rafe.

Marlena said John would never betray her. She said he still loved her the way she loved him. She told him to fight. She said their love was stronger than anything that monster could throw at them. Double Kristen reminded John of what happened when she first came to Salem. There was a flashback of when he saved her. Double Kristen told him he could be her hero again. 

Kristen told Gwen to be smart and get her out of jail. She said Gwen would be able to keep Xander. Gwen said there were too many police around. Kristen reminded her of what she did to Abby. Kristen said she shouldn’t take too long. She said breaking out of jail would be easier than breaking out of Statesville. Nicole told EJ to leave. He said she resolved to stay away from Rafe. She said she did. She said it happened because she thought she saw Deimos. She said she called Rafe and he comforted her. She told him it was one time and it was never going to happen again.

Double Kristen reminded John that they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. She said Alice was able to see their love too. John reminded her that she saved him too. She said they were meant to be together. He told her the only woman he wanted to be with was Marlena. He said that was never going to change. She said he remembered what they had. She said she could be patient. She said she has been around for a century.

Days of Our Lives 11-15-21 Recap 15th November 2021.


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