Days of Our Lives 11-17-21 Recap 17th November 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 11-17-21 Recap 17th November 2021

Days of Our Lives 11-17-21,

The devil told Chanel that Lani was Paulina’s daughter. Chanel was shocked. Chanel was starting to realize that the devil was right. She said Paulina always treated Lani better than she treated her. Steve talked to Kayla about John being missing. He said he talked to Shane about the assignment Marlena said he was on and he said he wasn’t on one. He said Paul hasn’t heard from him either. Kayla thought there was an explanation for John’s disappearance.

Olivia told Eli that Tamara didn’t want to come to the wedding. He thought Tamara had a singing gig. Olivia said that wasn’t true. He asked why she wouldn’t come to the wedding. Olivia flashed back to her conversation with Paulina about Lani being her daughter. Eli asked her why Tamara wasn’t coming. Olivia said she wasn’t coming because of Abe. Paulina told Lani that she chose her to be her matron of honor because she wanted her to know how special she was to her. Lani said she showed her all of the time. Paulina said she messed up a lot and this was her way of showing her how much she meant to her. Lani said she forgave her. Paulina said she wanted to show how grateful she was for her forgiveness.

Days of Our Lives 11-17-21 Recap 17th November 2021

Paulina and Abe’s wedding begins. Marlena plays mind games with Chanel. Olivia gets a bad vibe from Marlena. Kate has a change of heart.

Chanel asked the devil how her mother could have kept a secret for so long. She wondered how her mother could keep something like this from Abe. The devil said she tried to talk Paulina into telling Abe the truth, but she couldn’t do it. The devil said Abe got shot so Paulina couldn’t say anything to him or Lani. Chanel asked if Paulina was ever going to tell the truth. The devil said she wasn’t. Chanel said she would have to tell the truth herself.

Eli asked Olivia why Abe was the reason why Tamara wasn’t coming. Olivia said she was having a hard time accepting the fact that Paulina was marrying her ex-lover. Eli said Tamara and Paulina talked and Tamara was okay with it. Olivia said she wasn’t okay with it. Kayla asked Steve if he was going to interrupt the wedding. He said he wouldn’t do that to Abe, but he was going to corner Marlena and ask her where John went. Kayla asked if he thought she was hiding something. He said Marlena hasn’t been acting like herself. He said he had a theory about why she hasn’t been acting like herself. He thought she might have been taken over by somebody else.

The devil told Chanel that she couldn’t say anything because she found out the information in therapy. Chanel asked why she would tell her if she couldn’t say anything. The devil said she thought she should know. Chanel asked if she could say without revealing who told her. The devil said Paulina would know. She said she could lose her license if Chanel said something. The devil offered to take her to the wedding. Chanel said she didn’t want to go to the wedding. She said she couldn’t walk Paulina down the aisle knowing what she did to Abe.

Kayla wanted to know who Steve was talking about when he said Marlena was taken over. He said it was Hattie. He said no one has heard from Hattie in months. Kayla said they were on good terms when Hattie left. She said Hattie helped Marlena and Steve during their tough times. Steve said if it wasn’t Hattie then he didn’t know what was going on with Marlena. He got a phone call. He told Kayla that he was going to miss the wedding because he got a lead on John.

Days of Our Lives 11-17-21 Recap 17th November 2021.


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