Days of Our Lives 11-18-19 Recap 18th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-15-19

Days of Our Lives 11-18-19 Recap 18th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-18-19,
Kayla and Justin spent time together. She told him about what happened to Julie. Kayla told him that everyone was worried about him. She said what happened to Adrienne was devastating. Kate went to see Will. He thought she was taking time to travel. He didn’t want her to put her life off for him. She said that he was alone. He said he gets to see his daughter. She asked about Sonny. Will said he doesn’t come around anymore.

Sonny ran into Evan. Evan wanted to know if Sonny wanted to join him eating. Sonny was willing to eat with him. Abby took Chad’s computer and talked to Stefano. She sent a message to Stefano that Chad didn’t want her to send. While he was trying to stop her, Jack walked in and wanted to know what they were arguing about.

Days of Our Lives 11-18-19 Recap 18th November 2019

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Abby and Chad lied to Jack about what they were talking about. Chad left Abby and Jack alone to spend time with each other. They talked about Jennifer and how she was in a coma for a year. They talked about how a lot went by since she was in a coma.

John was happy to see Marlena. John left the room. Marlena told Hope that it was good to be home. Marlena wanted to know how long she was going to be in her house. Sonny and Evan talked about Evan’s past and what made him be a nanny. Evan asked Sonny how he was dealing with everything.

Kate asked Will why Sonny hasn’t been seeing him. Will said it wasn’t his choice. Will thought about what happened two months ago. Sonny brought him something from Arianna made for him. Will told him that he didn’t want him to see him anymore. Sonny wanted to know why. Will said he knew it was hard for him to see him. Will said Sonny wasn’t making eye contact with him. Sonny said it wasn’t true. Will said he would have done the same thing if it were him.

Justin talked to Kayla about how hard it was to lose Adrienne. Justin said it was hard for him, but it was worse for Sonny. Justin said Sonny lost his mother and his husband. Kayla said it was hard for her too. She said that she lost one of her best friends. She said it was hard to tell him that she died. She thought about telling him when Adrienne died.

Justin told Kayla that he couldn’t have gotten through all of the days without her. She said Adrienne was there for her when she thought Steve wasn’t coming back. Justin said he could never repay her for being there for him all of those days. She said he was there for her. There was a flashback from three months ago when Justin helped Kayla move in her condo. She got final divorce papers at the condo. She was upset that Steve signed the divorce papers. Justin hugged her. They ended up kissing. Back in the present, Justin said he lost so much. He said he didn’t think he would be happy again and it was because of her. She said she felt the same way.

Hope told Marlena that she didn’t know when she was leaving. She said the maintenance was taking longer than she thought. Marlena said John didn’t need a roommate. She said she and John needed to reconnect. Hope asked if she was kicking her out. Marlena said she needed to find somewhere else to live.

Evan asked Sonny if he was angry at Will. Sonny said he was. He said he was trying to let go, but it was impossible. He said that it was impossible to believe that the man he loved took his daughter from him. Evan asked if he talked to anyone. Sonny said he talked to his therapist and Will. Sonny said he destroyed their lives in every way. He said he didn’t think he would get over it.

Kate asked if Will loved Sonny. Will said he did. Will said there was no way for Sonny to ge over that. Kate said that he wasn’t a maniac like his roommate. She said he didn’t kill people the way he did. Will said Ben said he was innocent.

Jack went to see John and Marlena. Jack was happy to see Marlena back. He gave them back the hour glass. He said he didn’t need it anymore. John couldn’t believe that it has been a year since they gave it to him.

Chad and Abby argued because he thought she was going to tell Jack the truth about Stefano. She said that she was. He said that he was trying to get the company back. He wanted to take down Gabi, but he wanted to do it without her knowing about it. Abby decided to delete the message she was going to send to Stefano and sent a nicer one.

Kate told Will to reach out to Sonny. She said to tell him that he loved him. Will said that wouldn’t bring his mother back. He asked how he was going to look Sonny’s family in the eye after what he did to them. Kate said everyone forgave Eric for what he did to Daniel. She said Sonny’s family would forgive him. He said he couldn’t forgive himself. Kate said she loved him before she left.

Days of Our Lives 11-18-19 Recap 18th November 2019.


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