Days of Our Lives 11-20-19 Recap 20th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-15-19

Days of Our Lives 11-20-19 Recap 19th November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-20-19,

Abby didn’t believe that Eve didn’t push Jennifer. Eve threw up in Abby’s face what she and Stefan did to Gabi. Eve told her that she should understand what she’s going through.

Gina told Steffy that he was going to mess up the plans by meeting Chad. Sonny went to see Chad. Sonny wondered who Chad was playing chess with. Chad said it was his father. Sonny looked shocked.

Ben called Ciara. She told him that Xander had a locked briefcase. She thought something was in it. Ben told her that he told Clyde that Victor and Xander framed him for murder. Ben said Clyde had Xander’s baby kidnapped. Sarah told Rafe what happened when Micki got kidnapped. Xander wanted to know what happened.

Days of Our Lives 11-20-19 Recap 20th November 2019

Ciara wanted to know how Clyde could have Micki kidnapped. Ben said Clyde had connections. He said sorry about what happened. She thought it was too late. She said Xander rushed out.

Xander wanted Rafe to find Micki. Rafe said they were doing what they could. Rafe said he was going to call the commissioner. It turned out to be Gina. He told her what happened. He wanted her to meet her.

Sonny asked if Stefano was there. Chad said he wasn’t. Chad lied and said he played against his father in his mind. Sonny believed him. Sonny said he could relate. He said it didn’t feel real that his mother is gone. They talked about Adrienne and Stefano.

Eve told Abby that she should understand what she was going through. Abby reminded her of what she did to her family. Abby reminded her what she did at her mother’s wedding. Eve said she was drunk. Abby didn’t think that was a good enough excuse. Eve said she swore on Paige that she didn’t push Jennifer.

Eve told Abby that she loved Paige. Eve said she would never swear on her daughter if it weren’t true. Abby called her shameless. Eve said if she was telling the truth, the person who did it was still out there. She said Jennifer was in danger.

Ciara went to the police station. Gina told her that Sarah’s daughter was kidnapped. Ciara asked if there were any leads. Rafe said there weren’t any. Ben went to see Clyde and told him to stop the kidnapping. Clyde said he would do it when Xander confessed. Ben said he would be in trouble if the police thought he did it. Clyde said they weren’t going to get caught. Will walked in and wanted to know what they were talking about.

Clyde told Will that he was out of solitary. Will asked what they were talking about. Clyde said they were going to smoke. Will told Ben that Clyde was garbage. Clyde said he should be grateful to him. Clyde said Will’s family wouldn’t know he was alive if it weren’t for him. Will said he put a hit out on Sonny. Clyde said at least he didn’t kill his mother.

Chad asked Sonny about Will. Sonny said Will told him not to visit him. Sonny was upset when Chad tried to say Will wanted to see him. Sonny said it hurt to think about what Will did. Chad said it was an accident. Sonny said that didn’t change what happened. Sonny apologized for getting upset. Chad told him it was good to get it out.

Xander tried to comfort Sarah about Micki being missing. Sarah blamed herself for what happened. He said it wasn’t her fault. He said they were going to find her.

Clyde and Will argued. Ben tried to stop them from arguing. Ben said he didn’t have blinders on when it came to Clyde. Clyde threatened Will.

Abby thought Eve was trying to scare her into believing her. Abby said she was taking advantage of the fact that her mother couldn’t remember what happened. Eve said she wanted her to realize that she could be telling her the truth. Abby said she would see what she would do.

Ben told Clyde to give Sarah her baby back. Clyde said the deed was done. They had to wait to see what happened. Ciara went to the Kiriakis mansion and comforted Sarah. Xander and Ciara stared at each other. 

Days of Our Lives 11-20-19 Recap 20th November 2019.


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