Days of Our Lives 11-21-19 Recap 21st November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-15-19

Days of Our Lives 11-21-19 Recap 19th November 2019

Ben told Clyde to call off the kidnapping. Clyde said it was too late. Clyde sent Xander a text about the baby. Ben said he appreciated his help, but he would get out of prison on his own. Clyde said he was the necktie killer. The only way he would get out of prison was if Victor and Xander confessed to what they did. Ben took Clyde’s phone. When Clyde tried to get it back, a guard interrupted them. Jennifer told Justin about the dream she had about falling. She said she wished she could sharpen the picture of what happened, but she couldn’t. He said he wished she could for Eve’s sake. He said she claimed she was innocent. Jennifer apologized. He told her not to. While they were talking about him, she brought up Adrienne.

Days of Our Lives 11-21-19 Recap 21st November 2019

Kayla wanted to talk to Jack about her and Justin. She wanted to make sure he was okay with her being with Justin since Adrienne died and she was married to Steve. Jack insulted Steve. Sarah told Maggie that Mickey was kidnapped. Xander wanted to know why Ciara was just standing there. He told her to do her job because he wanted to be alone. The guard at the prison made Ben give Clyde back his phone. Xander answered the text Clyde sent. Clyde texted him back. Xander told Victor about the kidnapping. Victor asked if they had to confess to what they did to get Mickey back. Xander said he didn’t know what they had to do. Victor told him to make them tell him what he did since he has done so much. Xander listened and sent the text. Clyde told him that he sent an innocent man to prison. Ciara was listening to them. Jack told Kayla that Steve didn’t come home for Adrienne’s funeral. Kayla said she was surprised that he didn’t come back for the funeral. She said Adrienne adored him. Jack said all he sent was a card. Kayla couldn’t believe it. They talked about her divorce. Jack talked about how happy she has made Justin. Jennifer asked Justin what Jack didn’t tell her. Jennifer thought Justin and Adrienne broke up. He said it was nothing like that. Jennifer wanted to know what it was. Justin told her that Adrienne died. Jack asked Kayla if he was doing the right thing by keeping it from Jennifer. Kayla said she has been through a lot so he was doing the right thing. Jennifer wanted to know what happened to Adrienne. She asked if her cancer came back. Justin said it didn’t. She wanted to know how Adrienne died. Sarah wanted to know why someone would take her daughter. Maggie told her to let the people know that Xander was their father and he would give them what they wanted. Sarah blamed herself for what happened. Maggie said it wasn’t her fault. Sarah said she was keeping Mickey from her father and now they are keeping Mickey from her. Xander told Victor that he was going to do what it took to find his daughter. Victor said the police were going to be involved. Xander didn’t care. Xander sent Clyde a text asking what he wanted him to do. Clyde told him to take a confession to the police. Ben told Clyde that he was going to return Sarah’s baby after Xander confessed. Clyde told him that he was using that baby so he could get out of prison too. Sarah told Maggie that she was going to have an abortion when she found out she was pregnant. Sarah said her relationship with the father was precarious. Maggie said she slept with Xander because of Eric. Maggie said Xander has been there for the baby. Maggie left to get an update. She ran into Eric. She told Eric that Sarah was kidnapped. Ben called Ciara and told her that Clyde had the baby kidnapped. Ciara told him that she heard Victor and Xander talking. She said Victor told Xander not to confess. Ben said Xander wouldn’t do that. She said he and Mickey would be home. He said Clyde told him that he wasn’t letting Mickey come home. Justin talked to Jennifer about how he has been dealing with things since Adrienne died. He said he wouldn’t have gotten through things without her. He said he was seeing someone. Jennifer was shocked that he was seeing someone so soon after Adrienne died. He didn’t want to talk about it. She wanted to know who it was. He said it was Kayla. Kayla and Jack came in the room after Justin told Jennifer he was seeing Kayla. Jennifer asked why Jack didn’t tell her that Justin and Kayla were together. Jennifer was upset that Justin and Kayla were together so quickly. Jack told her that Adrienne was gone for half a year. Justin told Kayla that they should go. Jack comforted Jennifer. Eric told Maggie that Xander was probably the reason why the baby was kidnapped. Maggie didn’t think so. She wanted to talk to Victor. She asked Eric to give Sarah some water. He went to give it to her. She hugged him. Ciara told Ben that she didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize his parole. He told her to make an anonymous tip about the kidnapping. He wanted her to promise him that she would go to the police. While he was talking to her, the phone disconnected. Kayla thought Jennifer hated her. Justin said she didn’t. He said they had months to process it. He said to Jennifer, Adrienne died yesterday. Jack told Jennifer that he was there for her. She said Adrienne was gone and she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.

Days of Our Lives 11-21-19 Recap 21st November 2019.


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