Days of Our Lives 11-22-19 Recap 22nd November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-15-19

Days of Our Lives 11-22-19 Recap 22nd November 2019

Days of Our Lives 11-22-19,

Xander wrote the confession. Clyde sent a text to him and asked if he turned it in yet. Xander asked him not to hurt Mickey. When Xander was on his way out, he ran into Nicole. Nicole asked if Eric’s daughter was kidnapped. Xander made sure no one was listening.

Xander told Nicole that he had a plan to get Mickey back. She asked if he was involved. He said he wasn’t. They talked about keeping Eric in the dark about the baby. She said she felt guilty about it. Xander said Eric wasn’t Mickey’s father. Xander said he is Mickey’s father. He said he was by Sarah’s side during the pregnancy. He got another text. He left to go to the police.

Ben called Ciara. She told him that Xander had a locked briefcase. She thought something was in it. Ben told her that he told Clyde that Victor and Xander framed him for murder. Ben said Clyde had Xander’s baby kidnapped. Sarah told Rafe what happened when Micki got kidnapped. Xander wanted to know what happened.

Days of Our Lives 11-22-19 Recap 22nd November 2019

Chad told Abby that he had no doubt that his father was going to meet him. They talked about whether Stefano should be in their lives. Abby was afraid he was going to change if he is around Stefano. Chad said he wouldn’t change. They ended up arguing when she said she would go with him.

Gina tried to talk Steffy out of meeting Chad. She told him to stay in the loft. She said he could ruin everything. She got upset when she got a text and had to do her job as commissioner.

Sarah apologized to Eric. He asked her why she was sorry. Eli came in and said he got in touch with the FBI. Sarah wondered why she hasn’t heard from the kidnappers yet. Xander showed up. Eric said he was praying for them. When Eric left, Sarah called him a good father. He wanted to give his confession to Hope.

Ben told Will that he and Ciara were working together to prove he didn’t kill Jordan. Ben told him that Xander was the one who killed Jordan for Victor. Ben told him that Clyde had Mickey kidnapped. Will asked Ben to stop it. Ben said it was too late.

Will wanted to talk to the warden. Ben said Clyde had eyes everywhere. Ben said the baby wouldn’t be back with Sarah. When Will was about to go, Ben stopped him. Will asked if he was going to kill him again. Ben let him go and apologized. Ben said the kidnapper was dangerous. Will was starting to realize that Ben was innocent.

Ciara went to the farmhouse. The kidnapper wanted to know what she wanted. Ciara lied and said Clyde sent her to help with the baby. The kidnapper tried to act as if he didn’t know what she was talking about until Mickey cried.

Ciara told the kidnapper that she was good with kids. The kidnapper asked if she had a boyfriend in prison. He thought she liked bad boys. He started flirting with her. She said she would have a drink with him. She threw out her drinks and pretended to be drunk. When she thought he was passed out, she told Mickey that she was going to be back with her mother. The kidnapper woke up and grabbed her.

Eli went to the DiMera mansion and heard Abby and Chad talking about Stefano. Eli asked what they were talking about. They said it was private. Eli thought it was his business. When Eli got a call, he left. Chad heard from Stefano. Chad said he had to go to the Salem Inn by himself.

Eli told someone that Chad and Abby were hiding something. He looked in Chad’s laptop. He saw that Chad was meeting someone. Abby walked in on him looking at the laptop. 

Days of Our Lives 11-22-19 Recap 22nd November 2019.


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