Days of Our Lives 11-22-21 Recap 22nd November 2021

Days of Our Lives 1-3-20

Days of Our Lives 11-22-21 Recap 22nd November 2021

Days of Our Lives 11-22-21,

Nicole and EJ talked about getting their divorce papers. He said Sami was still missing. Nicole thought it was weird that he couldn’t find Sami. She said Sami wasn’t a professional disappearer like Kristen was. He said he wanted to find EJ. He wasn’t interested in finding Sami. Sami called Marlena. Sami told her she didn’t know where she was. She said she was drugged and kidnapped. She told Marlena what happened when she was kidnapped. Devil Kristen continued to seduce John. He said he wasn’t interested in having sex with her. She said they could make it about sex. He said he didn’t want to have sex with her. He told her to go away.

Gabi and Ava got into an argument. During their argument, Ava said Gabi was trying to convince her that Rafe slept with Nicole. Gabi asked Rafe if he was going to let Ava talk to her the way he is. He suggested they have dinner together. Gabi didn’t want to stay there. She warned him to stay away from the knives so he wouldn’t be her next victim. EJ told Nicole that he was glad she turned to him in her time of need. She thought he was trying to say something about Rafe. She said she needed his help with her legal issues. 

Days of Our Lives 11-22-21 Recap 22nd November 2021

She Devil tries to corrupt John.

Sami told Marlena she didn’t know where she was. She said she was lucky she was able to take the key from the guard. She told Marlena to hurry up and get her. Marlena said she wasn’t the only one who was in trouble. Kristen told John that she wanted to seduce him. He asked her how he was supposed to sleep with her with his arms tied. She asked if he really wanted to make love with her or did he want to be free.

Rafe apologized to Ava about Gabi. Ava said he understood Gabi’s anger since she tried to take her company from her. She said Gabi was the one who started the war because she hated her. She said Gabi wanted her to think he slept with Nicole. She said he was understanding about her not wanting him to be around Nicole. She wanted to start hanging around Nicole again. He didn’t want to talk about Nicole anymore.

EJ told Nicole to get alimony from Eric. She said she didn’t need it or deserve it. Gabi and Jake showed up at the restaurant where EJ and Nicole were. Gabi told EJ she was going to get her mansion back. EJ asked if she had better things to worry about like her company. She said her company was going to come back stronger than ever. He noticed the necklace she was wearing. He flashed back to giving the necklace to Sami. He demanded to know where Gabi got her necklace.

Gabi told EJ it was none of his business where he got the necklace. She accused Nicole of sleeping with EJ. Rafe said he got the necklace for Sami in Tuscany. He asked Gabi when she found it. She said it was outside of her house. Sami was shocked when Marlena told her she was possessed by the devil. Sami said she thought it could only happen to you once. Sami wanted to know why she was telling her that she was possessed. Marlena said she got a reprieve. Sami wanted to know why. Marlena said the devil wanted to take over Kristen to get to John. Marlena said she was afraid they were going to lose John. 

Kristen continued to seduce John. She asked him if he remembered being with her. He flashed back to making love to her. He told her he remembered being with her. She told him to make love to her. He kissed her. While they were kissing, he bit her lip. She was angry that he bit her. He asked her if she thought he would give up on Marlena. Kristen pushed him against a wall. He passed out. She said he was going to pay for what he did.

EJ told Gabi that he wanted his necklace back. She said the mansion was hers and he took it so she was taking it. When Gabi and Rafe left, Nicole was relieved that she didn’t realize she slept with Rafe. EJ said he was worried that something might have happened when Gabi found the necklace. While Marlena and Sami were talking, Devil Kristen got on the phone. She told Sami that Marlena was in trouble and wouldn’t be able to talk.

Devil Kristen told Marlena that she was a naughty girl for talking to Sami. Marlena asked how Sami was. Kristen told her she didn’t know. She was basking in the glow of John. Marlena didn’t believe she did anything with John. She said she felt it. She said she and John had an unbreakable bond with John. EJ and Nicole talked about Sami being missing. While they were talking, he got a phone call. He answered the phone and it turned out to be Sami.

Days of Our Lives 11-22-21 Recap 22nd November 2021.


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